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Kazakhstan’s new dividend taxation policy


The Tax Code has been amended from 1 January 2021 to change how dividends paid by Kazakhstan companies to overseas shareholders are taxed.

On the whole, the income of non-residents is taxed in Kazakhstan according to national tax law and international treaties.

The Tax Code taxes dividends received by non-residents from resident companies in Kazakhstan at 15% (or 20% if the non-resident is registered in a low-tax country). International treaties can be applied to reduce the standard rate.

Learn more from the Deloitte experts opinions:

Nazira Nurbayeva, Partner, Deloitte Tax and Legal Department

Andrey Zakharchuk, Partner, Deloitte Tax and Legal Department

Karina Kalimzhanova, Manager, Deloitte Tax and Legal Department

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The consequences for Kazakhstan of introducing “Google Tax”


In June 2020, the Mazhilis approved a package of tax-related amendments and improvements to the investment climate. One of the changes includes the introduction of a tax on foreign companies selling goods and services to Kazakhstan nationals via the Internet – the so-called Google Tax.

Deloitte Kazakhstan Tax and Legal Department Director Aidana Abdaliyeva and Deloitte CIS Indirect Taxation and Customs Regulation Department Director Tamara Arkhangelskaya share their expert opinion on this issue.

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Kazakhstan plans to introduce a "Google tax". The new tax is contained in a bill currently under discussion in the Majilis.


According to the amendments, the registration of overseas companies as taxpayers should be voluntary. Aidana Abdaliyeva, Deloitte Kazakhstan Tax and Legal Department Director does not rule out that difficulties may arise with the tax administration of overseas companies as they are not physically present in the country. This applies to identifying and making foreign organisations register as taxpayers, and then collecting VAT from them.


Will Google pay tax in Kazakhstan ?


Kazakhstan plans to introduce a tax on Google. Aidana Abdalieva, Deloitte Tax and Legal Department Director, shared her opinion on this topic.

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Belt and Road Initiative Tax Journal

The COVID-19 Economic Support Measures in Kazakhstan and Russia 

The COVID-19 pandemic requires affected countries to take swift measures to protect the health and safety of their people and support their economies. This article discusses the tax, customs and other economic support measures introduced in response to COVID-19 in the two largest economies in the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) - Kazakhstan and Russia.

What companies can entrust to robots


According to one of the most popular versions, a robot is a human–like device that performs certain actions. In fact, it is a programme that works according to a built-in algorithm, performs certain actions, and is used to automate repetitive tasks. The main purpose of robot technology is to free employees from routine processes and reduce the use of company resources. During a webinar, Deloitte tax and legal experts talk about business process stages and the conditions where robots are used


What can business expect after the state of emergency?


The “Egemen Kazakhstan” newspaper explains the details of Deloitte's tax audit webinar. Senior consultant Ruslan Zharkinbayevshared his comments.

Egemen Qazaqstan

Tax and legal implications on personnel during quarantine


Ruslan Zharkinbayev, senior consultant of Deloitte Tax and Legal department, gave recommendations about how to properly interact with the tax authority.


How to resolve routine objectives using robots in the business environment


Deloitte Business Process Solution specialists have already developed 476 bots to be used to provide routine solutions. “The quicker you recognise the potential of RPA the quicker you will be able to create a competitive advantage for your business,” says Tax and Legal Department Senior Guldana Kasym-Ashim.

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Kazakhstan Tax Main Trends And Areas For Development


"With one of the most advanced tax systems across the CIS, Kazakhstan continues to improve its taxation environment, constantly looking to best global practices to implement new tax mechanisms and regulations."

Kazakhstan Tax Main Trends And Areas For Development - read our experts article on Forbes Kazakhstan website – 

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V Kazakhstan-Netherlands Business Forum


The Hague has hosted the V Kazakhstan-Netherlands Business Forum, which was attended by the Prime Ministers of Kazakhstan and the Netherlands and roughly 200 business representatives, including Deloitte – Tax and Legal Department Managing Partner Anthony Mahon (Kazakhstan) and Risk Management Partner Sieb Posthum (Netherlands), who reports on the potential for the development of trade, economic and investment interaction between the two countries. Forum participants not only presented their opportunities, but also held working meetings and talks with potential partners.

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Meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce Customs and Trade Group


On 15 October, Nur-Sultan hosted the latest meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce Customs and Trade Group, which included representatives from large and medium-sized business operating in a number of sectors, such as the oil industry, and also members of overseas embassies.

Deloitte Tax and Legal Department Manager Sholpan Dossymkhanova gave a talk on draft taxation changes and the investment climate pertaining to customs regulation. The presentation included a detailed discussion of amendments regarding the review of documentation after the release of goods, in-house and on-site customs audits, and issues related to documentary requirements and the release of goods after electronic customs clearance.

III NU Career Week


On 9 October, a team from the Tax and Legal Department took part in the III NU Career Week at Nazarbayev University for MBA and MSC Finance graduates.

Yeldos Syzdykov, Aidana Abdaliyeva, Zhuldyz Taitaliyeva and Karina Kalimzhanova gave a talk on Deloitte in Kazakhstan and the specifics of providing tax advice, and also held around 10 mock interviews with job candidates.

The meeting took the form of open dialogue, and the graduates showed great interest, noting the importance of similar meetings with engagement team members.

Free seminar for private individuals from the Deloitte Academy


On 3 October, Almaty hosted a free seminar for private individuals, at which experts talked about global “deoffshoring” trends and the automatic exchange of financial information among countries, which Kazakhstan is due to join in 2020; talked about personal tax liabilities for Kazakhstan nationals, the current trends and difficulties private clients face holding assets overseas; shared Russia’s experience of “deoffshoring” and accession to the automatic exchange of information with other countries from 2018.

Speakers included Svetlana Meyer, Deloitte CIS Tax and Legal Department Managing Partner, Svetlana Borisova, Head of Deloitte Private in the CIS, and Khadisha Seidalina, Caspian Region Tax and Legal Department Senior Manager.

Meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan tax working group


On 2 October, Almaty hosted the latest meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan tax working group, chaired by Tax and Legal Department Managing Partner Anthony Mahon. The meeting was attended by over 20 representatives from large and medium-sized businesses, including subsoil users and consumer sector businesses.

Tax and Legal Department Managers Gulsara Ryskeldinova and Karina Kalimzhanova gave presentations on a number of disputed issues and recent practice related to the application of overseas residency certificates. The presentations touched on significant problems and issues related to the completion of residency certificates, and possible solutions to resolving open issues at a legislative level.

The working group agenda also included the discussion of issues related to the taxation of individuals. The working group took the form of a dialogue and an exchange of professional opinions.

What are the consequences of Kazakhstan’s proposed rejection of advance payments?


Kazakhstan is discussing abandoning CIT advance payments. The LS information agency has decided to ask experts how this decision could affect tax receipts and business.

According to Deloitte Tax and Legal Department Manager, Gulsara Ryskeldinova, business will greet the decision with enthusiasm. However, there are still a number of issues to be ironed out.

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Webinar - “Customs value and classification of goods: what every declarant needs to know”


On 29 May, Deloitte Tax and Legal Department Manager for Customers, Sholpan Dossymkhanova held a webinar in the Nur-Sultan office under the title “Customs Value and Classification of Goods: What Every Declarant needs to know”.

Experts from the State Revenue Committee, including Svetlana Abdykerova, Head of the Tariff Regulation and Classification Department; Aibar Taishikov, Deputy Head of the Customs Value and Tariff Regulation Department and Galymzhan Kystaubayev, Chief Classification and Origin of Goods Expert were invited to take part in the webinar.

The webinar audience was made up of managers and members of logistics, customs declaration, procurement, finance, accounting and other departments from a range of a companies in Kazakhstan.

Customs value of imports and license payments, and how they are linked


"The inclusion of licensing and similar payments is a relatively complex and controversial issue for business entities. For this reason, the Eurasian Economic Commission has developed special recommendations that help understand the logics of EAEU customs authorities".

Sholpan Dossymkhanova, Tax and Legal Department Customs Manager gave a talk on the customs value of imports and licensing payments and how they are linked.

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Webinar on "Electronic Customs Declaration in Kazakhstan: Latest Trends and New Aspects"


On 29 April, Sholpan Dossymkhanova, Deloitte Tax and Legal Department Manager for Customs Issues, conducted a webinar on "Electronic Customs Declaration in Kazakhstan: Latest Trends and New Aspects". Umitgul Gubasheva, representing the Astana-1 software developer, was invited as a subject expert.

The speakers discussed issues related to the implementation of electronic customs declaration processes, starting from how to draft preliminary information on goods, storage documents; how to file and register electronic goods’ declarations, and ending with the automatic release of goods through the various customs corridors.

The new approaches of the customs authorities were discussed, such as:
- the introduction of an electronic form for calculating customs duties and taxes;
- how to search for valuable information on customs value in the case of additional customs value audits;
- the integration of customs value declarations with goods’ declarations;
- the online confirmation of the export of goods;
- the monitoring of objects of intellectual property and other issues.

The webinar was attended by executive and employees from logistics, procurement, finance, accounting and other departments from companies throughout Kazakhstan.

Astana Legal Forum 2019


The Astana Legal Forum 2019 was held recently for more than 150 business and state sector representatives.

Deloitte Customs Manager, Sholpan Dossymkhanova talked about “Electronic Customs Declaration in Kazakhstan: Theory and Practice. License Payments: New EAEU Approaches”, while Legal Consultant , Alibi Akylas talked about the Practical Aspects of Disputing Bankruptcy Asset Transactions.

The forum was organised by Lincoln Conferences

Khadisha Seidalina on the Deloitte Expert programme


On Business FM’s Deloitte Expert programme, Khadisha Seidalina, Deloitte Tax and Legal Department Senior Manager talked about individuals’ tax liabilities in Kazakhstan

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Webinar: “Key aspects of public-private partnerships in Kazakhstan”


On 14 March, Deloitte held a webinar at which clients and partners learnt about the key aspects of realising public/private partnerships in Kazakhstan, specifically, definitions of effective financial models, taxation, the specific of construction projects and legal issues.

Dariga Tokpayeva, Tax and Legal Department Senior Manager acted as the moderator and one of the speakers, and was joined by Radmir Tursynbek, Transaction Support Director, Yeldos Syzdykov, Tax and Legal Department Director and Maria Krivoshta, Financial Advisory Senior.

The speakers shared their experiences of preparing, supporting, monitoring and reviewing PPP in Kazakhstan.

Dangerous taxation trends in Kazakhstan


Any business, sooner or later, will face audits by the authorities, with the next few years promising a bumper period as many large companies have not been audited for over five years. In light of the expected audits, Deloitte continues to notify taxpayers about the current trends in the tax authorities’ thinking.


What can businesses expect with the updated Tax Code?


Nearly 100 new articles have been added to the Kazakhstan Tax Code. Deloitte Tax and Legal Department Consultant, Ruslan Zharkinbayev talks about the main changes in tax law in 2018 and what’s new in 2019.


Seminar in Aktau. Tax Code amendments in 2019. Legislative trends. Tax disputes

On 31 January, the Aktau Tax and Legal Department held a seminar for leaders, chief accounts, tax managers and other representatives from major companies in Kazakhstan.

The seminar discussed Tax Code changes in 2019, legislative trends and tax disputes.

The participants learnt about the most significant legislative changes due to enter into force in 2019, and were able to enter into discussions with the Deloitte Tax and Legal Group about the latest trends in the resolution of tax disputes and the practical application of tax law.

The event was organised and led by Tax and Legal Department members Agaisha Ibrasheva, Yeldos Syzdykov, Maken Iskakova, Zhuldyz Taitaliyeva, Maxim Bazhenov, Ruslan Zharkinbayev, Dana Mambetova and Valentina Sytina.

The most important changes discussed covered corporate income tax, value added tax, transfer pricing, personal taxation and subsoil user taxation.

The seminar also shed light on currency regulation, criminal liability for tax violations and current court practices.

Meeting of the Investment Climate Improvement Council

In Astana, on 25 January, the Kazakhstan Prime Minister, Bakytzhan Sagintayev, hosted a session of the Investment Climate Improvement Council in conjunction with the Head of the Deloitte Tax and Legal Department, Anthony Mahon. The session was used to discuss a wide range of current topics around tax reforms in Kazakhstan.


Tax Code Amendments – 2019 webinar

On 13 December, Deloitte in Atyrau held a seminar for clients and partners on Tax Code amendments – 2019. Legislative trends. Tax disputes”. The participants had the opportunity to learn about the most significant legislative amendments due to enter into force in 2019, and discuss the latest trends in the resolution of tax disputes and the practical application of tax provisions.

In addition to tax law changes, the webinar discussed currency regulation, criminal liability for tax violations and current court practices. The speaker were Tax and Legal Department members, Yeldos Syzdykov, Olessya Kirilovskaya, Maxim Bazhenov, Zhuldyz Taitaliyeva, Maken Iskakova and Dada Mambetova.

Offshore zone tax

Deloitte experts talked to National Business about offshore taxation, “the popular “deoffshoring” trend in recent years according to the “domino principle” has impacted the reality of Kazakhstan business. The changes in Kazakhstan tax law regarding controllable overseas companies has led to the understanding that everyone should be taxed on their overseas assets, irrespective of the tax effect for the payers”.

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XIII Kazakhstan Forum of Corporate Lawyers

Almaty recently hosted the XIII Kazakhstan Forum of Corporate Lawyers at which business and state representatives exchanged opinions and proposals on how to improve the legislative framework, discussed the legal regulation of entrepreneurial activities, professional market regulation in Kazakhstan, court practices, corporate governance in holding companies, corporate law, corporate disputes and other issues in a range of sectors.

Deloitte Transfer Pricing Group Director, Yeldos Syzdykov talked about transfer pricing difficulties in the Subsoil Use section. The experts present also discussed the development of a new Ecological Code.

Kazakhstan signed an OECD treaty to prevent tax evasion. Is it working?

Kazakhstan signed an OECD treaty to prevent tax evasion. Is it working? Deloitte shares its opinion with


Video conference between working group experts

On 9 October, Deloitte organised a video conference between working group experts developing a draft Tax Code in Uzbekistan and overseas Deloitte global tax and administration policy experts - Read more

Deloitte was represented by Daniel Lions (UK), Michelle Schroun (Netherlands), Lisa Shipley (UK), Maarten Schreder (Netherlands), Lex Neitsel de Wilde (Netherlands), Vladimir Kononenko (Kazakhstan), Karen Hue (Netherlands), Erkin Ayupov (Uzbekistan), Bakhtiyor Sufiyev (Uzbekistan), and Anthony Mahon, Head of the Tax and Legal Department for the Caspian Region.


Certificate of taxes paid in Kazakhstan by foreign nationals

Madina Abisheva, Tax and Legal Department, Deloitte: As the number of overseas nationals working in Kazakhstan continues to grow, the issue of confirming taxes paid in Kazakhstan is becoming more and more topical.

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Electronic invoice: VAT Offset

Our expert Dana Mambetova, specifically for National Business, considers some features of VAT offset on the basis of electronic invoices.

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Knowledge week

From 10 to 13 July, Deloitte held a training under the General name. Knowledge week for Tax and Legal employees.

The participants were trained on such topics as international and corporate taxation, transfer pricing, the specifics of the GES, BPS and Legal areas. Along with the theoretical part, the participants studied real cases from real business projects. The program was formed by the management team for trainees and consultants, based on the most relevant requests. The training week ended with a special course aimed at building an effective team.


Tax Geek Week

On June 4, Tax Geek Week among students and graduates of Almaty universities was held in the office of Deloitte. Participants were divided into groups of 5 people and together with experienced mentors of the company solved the business case, and then presented their solutions to the jury. At stake was a summer internship in the Tax & Legal Department, so the guys tried from the heart.

As a result, 10 lucky people were selected, who will be able to get an unforgettable experience among real professionals.

Congratulations to the winners!

Meeting of members of the European business Association of Kazakhstan with the Deputy energy Minister Bakhytzhan Djaksaliyev.

4 may in Astana the employees of the Tax & Legal Department, Olessya  Kirilovskaya, and Gulsara Ryskeldinova, took part at the meeting of members of the European business Association of Kazakhstan with the Deputy energy Minister Bakhytzhan Djaksaliyev.

The meeting discussed the future of the energy sector in Kazakhstan, the development of alternative energy sources, expanded obligations of producers and importers and other relevant topics.

English law conference

On 25 April, the legal community of England and Wales with the UK Ministry of justice and the British Consulate, held a conference on English law in Almaty. The event was attended by the consultants of the legal team of Deloitte - senior Manager Olessya Kirilovskaya and senior associate Nurzhan Dairbekov.

The conference was part of a campaign to promote interaction between members of the legal community and businesses of the two countries, designed to identify the positive features of the application of English law and legal services within the jurisdiction of the UK.

The discussion touched upon topical and important issues, such as: dispute resolution, execution of judicial acts, the principles of legal proceedings under English law.

Meeting with the Kazakhstan Prime Minister

The Prime Minister’s Council for Improvements to the Investment Climate held a meeting in Astana on 28 February. The meeting was attended by Tax and Legal Head Anthony Mahon.

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies from a legal and tax perspective

Tax and Legal Department experts Aliya Tokpayeva and Viktoriya Tyan talk to Investors’ Voice ( about how to not let fraudsters take advantage of the excitement around the new economic opportunities (p. 18).

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How the EEU and Kazakhstan Customs Codes have changed

LS, in conjunction with the Deloitte Tax Alert discusses how the new Customs Codes will affect business.

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How have taxes changes for the business community?

The new Tax Code has been in place since 2018. LS, together with the Deloitte Tax Alert talks about how the changes to VAT and CIT will affect businesses.

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Seminars in Atyrau

On 11 and 12 January, Tax and Legal, and Audit colleagues held a client and partner seminar to discuss topical issues such as “Review of the New Tax Code” and “New IFRS 15,16 and 9 Standards and Possible Tax Consequences”

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IFRS Seminar

On 8 December, Almaty hosted a “New IFRS 9, 15 and 16 Standards and Possible Tax Consequences” seminar for clients. Speakers were Audit Director Dilbar Askarova, Tax & Legal Department Director Yeldos Syzdykov and Audit Director Zhangir Zhilysbayev.

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How taxes will change for Kazakhstan

The new Tax Code has been in place since 2018. LS, together with the Deloitte Tax Alert talks about how the changes will affect individuals.

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Tax Code amendments will take into account the national economy - experts

Tax and Legal Department Head Anthony Mahon and Director Yeldos Syzdykov analysed the proposed tax law amendments for LS.



Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Kazakhstan: law and taxes

How to find a balance between promoting honest blockchain transactions and stopping fraudsters cashing in on the newfound enthusiasm for blockchain technology?

Deloitte experts discuss this in their article “Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in Kazakhstan: Law and Taxes” for Forbes Kazakhstan.


Legislative initiatives on monitored foreign companies

Tax and Legal Department Manager Yelena Tsurka shared her expert opinion on the planned changes to the Tax Code with 

Kazakhstan – Uzbekistan: new impetus for collaboration

Over the last year, ties between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have acquired a new impetus – in the first eight months of 2017, sales between the two countries grew 35% to exceed US$ 2 billion. The start of this year saw the launch of a development strategy for the next five years. What issues does the strategy cover? How do they affect business development in the two countries?

Bakhtiyor Sufiyev, Tax and Legal Department Senior with Deloitte Uzbekistan.

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Changes to the tax code should be made taking into account the country's economy

Head of the Tax Department  Anthony Mahon and Tax Director  Eldos Syzdykov analyzed the proposed changes in the tax legislation of Kazakhstan for the LS

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Legislative stability is important for business - expert

2018 will see the introduction of the new Tax Code. How do you change the law and how often should you do it?

Nurzhan Kozhakhmetov, Tax and Legal Department Manager gives a detailed response in his article for LS.


Why does the Kazakhstan economy need tax credits?

Experts have assessed the probable effect of the introduction of tax credits, LS.

Caspian Region Tax and Legal Department Director Yeldos Syzdykov explains that the new instrument, according to Ministry for the National Economy statistics, will incorporate a tax liability deferral of 3-5 years.

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How to prepare for a tax audit

The main objective of the tax authorities is to ensure tax liabilities are paid in full and monitor taxpayers in their tax liabilities.

For more details, read the article by Botagoz Tanbayeva, Deloitte Tax and Legal Department Senior for

Deloitte assess the new changes to the Tax Code

Deloitte Caspian Region Managing Partner Mark Smith and Tax and Legal Department Partner Vladimir Kononenko commented for LS on the latest Tax Code amendments, touching on the legislator’s initiative that disputes will now be settled in the taxpayer’s favour.

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Tax return: what everyone should know

Universal declaration is around the corner for Kazakhstan. From 2020, annual income and property returns will have to be filed by all Kazakhstan citizens. What do you need to know to ensure you don’t end up violating tax law?

Zhuldyz Taitaliyeva, Deloitte Tax and Legal Department Senior answers this and many other questions for

Specifics of the taxation of the Kazakhstan agricultural industry

The Kazakhstan agricultural industry is one of the country’s strategic sectors, one which has great potential for development. One of the key aspects involved in improving the agricultural industry is simplifying taxation and providing tax concessions for agricultural businesses. For more details, read Deloitte Tax and Legal Department Assel Tamenova’s article for

Canadian mining mission in Uzbekistan

On 18 March, Tashkent hosted the Canadian Mining Mission in Uzbekistan. Deloitte experts together with the Canadian Business Association in Russia and Eurasia spoke on Doing Business in Uzbekistan. Deloitte experts talked about how to open and do business in Uzbekistan, comply with local laws, taxation requirements, and provided a general overview of export conditions and customs clearance procedures, and many others.


Price is not for everyone

Deloitte Uzbekistan Tax and Legal Department Manager Andrey Tyo explains how a lack of transparent transfer pricing regulations creates risks for businesses and hinders the inflow of direct foreign investment.

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Taxation of the transfer of goods for advertising

Practically every company comes up against advertising expenses, which may include company costs to transfer goods to potential clients for promotional purposes. Deloitte Tax and Legal Department Senior Aigul Nurgaliyeva gives more details in her article for

Decriminalisation of tax violations and business development

The effective removal of barriers to economic development and building of additional business development conditions are key to weathering a crisis.

Deloitte Tax and Legal Department Senior Adilzhan Nakipov discusses the issue in more detail in his article for

Simplification of document flow between Russian and Kazakhstan taxpayers

With each year the number of transactions between Kazakhstan and Russian companies increase due to improved relations between the two countries in all areas. For this reason, the justification for Kazakhstan companies to withhold Kazakhstan income tax on their Russian partners is very important. Deloitte Tax and Legal Department Senior Olga Kryzhanok discusses the issue in her article for

Sales tax instead of VAT: do we need it?

Deloitte Tax and Legal Department Senior Maral Kushenova discusses this in her article for

The export of pensions in the framework of the Eurasian Union

Issues of free movement of labour, including pensions for workers outside their country, are now becoming topical. As they grow older, people begin to wonder what awaits them at retirement age. The topic will be revealed by Manshuk Makan, senior consultant of the Department of taxes and law, Deloitte.

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