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Our company provides services aimed directly at assisting clients in the understanding and practical application of existing statutory rules and regulations governing the import and export of goods.

The Deloitte Customs Group was founded within the framework of Deloitte in order to enable us to offer our clients a multilateral approach to their business needs and provide them with high quality consulting services in the field of customs legislation.


Kazakhstan’s international trade relations have been growing steadily, with an important factor in that growth being the country’s membership of the Eurasian Economic Union with Belarus, Russia and Armenia.

Generally speaking, international trade development, including integration within the Common Economic Area and Eurasian Economic Union, provides companies with new business opportunities and means they are continuously required to make coordinated decisions on customs regulation. In practice, the main challenges for businesses are understanding and being able to apply new customs legislation provisions and complying with them.

Businesses always need to be aware of recent amendments to customs legislation and ensure they keep up with any changes as part of their successful operating within the framework of foreign economic activities. By doing so, they minimise any risks related to the payment of customs duties and taxes.

Our customs experts ready to help you in any customs regulation issues according to both Kazakhstan and Eurasian Economic Union customs legislation. We will help you to understand the issues  related to customs value and customs payments and taxes, the application of various customs procedures and non-tariff regulation measures, in matters of intellectual property, and other customs issues.

Keep up to date with the latest changes and trends in Kazakhstan customs law here.

Our customs-related services

The Deloitte customs group provides services aimed directly at the assistance of the participants in foreign economic activity in the understanding and practical application of legally established norms and rules regulating the import and export of goods. Our projects are performed by a team of specialists who have both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of customs, which, in our opinion, is the key to quality work.

The key element of our services is to enable businesses to avoid the material and reputational risks associated with violating the customs legislation of Kazakhstan.

In connection with the above we offer several services, including:

1. Projects associated with the client’s needs.

2. Audit projects.

3. Projects related to mergers and acquisitions.

These services can obviously be further tailored to deal with the specific issues faced by our clients with respect to their foreign economic activities.

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Customs services 2014

Customs Guide 2014

Download the brochure and learn more about customs regulation, duties, payments and special economic in Kazakhstan. The guide also provides key information about the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) with Russia, Belarus and Armenia which Kazakhstan entered in 2010.

Customs guide. Kazakhstan 2014

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Vladimir Kononenko

Vladimir Kononenko

Partner, Head of Caspian Tax and Legal practice

Vladimir heads the Deloitte Caspian Tax and Legal practice. He graduated from the Kazakhstan State Economy Institute and is a Qualified Kazakh Auditor. Vladimir joined Deloitte in 2002 and has accumul... More

Sholpan Dossymkhanova

Sholpan Dossymkhanova

Customs Manager, Tax, Caspian Region

Sholpan spent over 13 years working with the customs authorities in Kazakhstan, dealing with customs administration issues; the legal regulation and practical implementation of customs procedures; the... More

Anthony Nicholas Mahon

Anthony Nicholas Mahon

Partner, Cross-Border Tax, Energy & Resources

Originally from the UK firm, Anthony spent three years working for Deloitte in the Middle East and joined Deloitte CIS in 2012. Anthony leads Deloitte’s Caspian Energy & Resources practice across all ... More

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