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Deloitte Uzbekistan 

Deloitte has been operating in Uzbekistan since 2004 and has a well developed  practice in audit, tax, legal, consulting and financial advisory services to support  improved governance. Seeing the opening of the market in anticipation of a rapid  economic development here in the coming years, we have expanded our legal  practice in Uzbekistan. Deloitte Legal is a brand within Deloitte, our legal practice in  CIS countries is well developed, with a portfolio of significant projects in all industries.

Our lawyers are experts in Uzbek law and have been educated in some of the best universities in the world. They have gained their experience working as lawyers in  industry and in leading international and Kazakhstan consulting and law firms.

We advise in a range of sectors including energy and resources, construction,  agriculture, financial services, real estate and others. Our deep knowledge of local  legislation and rich experience across many areas of law, make us the number one choice for our respected clients.

A recent study by Deloitte Legal on future trends for legal services has shown that the market for legal services is moving and growing and demand for alternative or non-traditional legal services is increasing. Deloitte Legal is in a unique position to respond to these changing requirements through its collaborative approach.

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