Commercial due diligence

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Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) focuses on a company’s market, industry, competitors and likelihood of achieving its forecasts in the coming years. We have the ability to be highly adaptable and will always aim to tailor our approach to CDD to the needs of the client and the unique characteristics of a particular target company and its industry.

Commercial due diligence

A typical CDD might include:


When looking at the market, we would typically provide an overview of the market in which the target operates and plans to develop. This could include identification of key demand drivers, market segmentation, volatility drivers, regulatory issues, cost drivers, trends and other industry-specific items.


An evaluation of the competition typically starts with defining the competitive environment in which the target operates. This could include industry profitability drivers such as customer-buying power, ease of entry, supplier strength, availability of substitutes and competitive intensity. This facilitates the identification of critical success factors and how the target and its competitors are benchmarked.

Company specific

A company review initially focuses on the business model, strategy and its core capabilities. This enables the development of a sensitivity model and identification of potential areas of opportunity and risk.

Our approach is highly geared towards primary research conducted in a compressed timeline. This helps to overcome the relative absence of detailed market research reports and typically includes interviews, use of third-party data agencies (where relevant), mystery shopping, surveys and site visits etc.

Our team is experienced in assisting in a range of situations, including:

• Acquisition in the CIS market

• Feasibility studies

• Competitive intelligence

• Market entry

• Acquisitions in foreign markets

• Benchmarking

Our team has reviewed businesses of varying sizes across different market sectors for both private equity and corporate buyers. Our reports and oral presentations are tailored to the needs of credit and investment committees as well as providing management with new insight to apply to the business post-transaction.


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