Valuation services

Financial Advisory Services

Our valuation team helps organizations successfully manage the value of their assets in today’s rigorous compliance and regulatory environment. We understand how to report value according to accounting, tax and regulatory rules that allow third parties to understand the worth of an entity, asset or liability so that they can make informed business and investment decisions.

Our team consists of dedicated valuation specialists with a high degree of practical, technical and business expertise. As part of our global network, our valuation team has access to an extensive knowledge base and a wide range of resources.

Valuation services

Our valuations team can assist in:

• Valuation of business of enterprises in accordance with International and National Standards of Property Valuation (NSPV) of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

• Transaction pricing and structuring

• Assisting with negotiations

• dentification of potential synergies

You require assistance on financial reporting matters – where management and directors may require a valuation for:

• Acquisition accounting and the allocation of purchase price according to applicable accounting standards, such as NAS, IFRS, or US GAAP, including valuation of intangible assets and intellectual property

• Testing for impairment in accordance with applicable accounting standards

You need an independent opinion – where the board or shareholders may require:

• An independent assessment of proposed transactions

• Compliance with legal or regulatory requirements

You are planning ahead – valuations can assist with ongoing tax planning and compliance by providing:

• An authoritative valuation, properly supported and justified

• A sound basis for determining tax and stamp duty obligations

We have valuation experience within key industries in the region.


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