Olga Belonogova

Partner, Head of Audit & Assurance in Caspian region

Olga Belonogova

Almaty Financial District

36 Al Farabi Ave.




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Olga is an Audit partner and Head of Audit and Assurance in Kazakhstan.

Olga joined Deloitte in 1996 and has over twenty years of audit experience in Kazakhstan.

She specializes in audit of the financial statements in compliance with IFRS and other professional assurance services for large local companies and international clients. Olga has a broad industry experience and provided services to the largest companies in consumer business, mining, power, transportation, telecommunications and retail.

In addition to her client responsibilities, Olga serves as the Audit Risk Leader for Deloitte’s Caspian region practice. In her risk leadership role, Olga is responsible for oversight of audit risk management activities.

Olga Belonogova