Saule Medetova

Director, Risk Advisory

Saule Medetova

Almaty Financial District

36 Al Farabi Ave.




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Saule has over 14 years of experience, including two years in the UK Equity Capital Markets team in London, having worked on a number of capital market transactions including listings on the Main Market and class 1 acquisitions, and in the Financial Services audit group in London.

Saule participated in the IPO of the large international companies, including largest placement of 2016 year, and audited the bank that was part of the financial group included in the FTSE100. Saule was also involved in the projects for development of impairment methodology, and assessment of the organization‘s corporate governance and internal controls.

In Kazakhstan Saule participated in the audit of a large number of banks, insurance companies and pension funds in Kazakhstan, and also participated in the various consulting projects and projects for valuation of financial instruments.

Outside of Deloitte Saule also has 2 years of experiences working as chief accountant in the asset management company.  During 2012-2014 years Saule served as independent director on the Board of one of the Kyrgyz banks.

Saule currently participates in the development of impairment methodology in accordance with the requirements of IFRS 9 for large and medium sized banks of Kazakhstan.

Saule’s specialization includes implementation of IFRS 9, development and implementation of risk management practices, corporate governance and internal controls, assessment of effectiveness of the risk management systems.

Saule Medetova