Humanitarian action

Supporting innovation through cross-sector collaboration

Deloitte professionals across the network co-create and implement innovative solutions to humanitarian challenges, as well as contributing to crisis relief efforts.

How Deloitte supports the global humanitarian sector

Populations around the world are ever more vulnerable to increasingly complex and interlinked humanitarian crises, which are driven by natural disasters, conflicts, and global instability. 

New and innovative approaches are needed to help address these multifaceted challenges, and the private sector has an opportunity to contribute by providing the humanitarian sector with the same skills and capabilities it uses to serve its clients or customers every day. By collaborating with local, national and international actors, Deloitte member firms bring together new combinations of expertise to co-create innovative solutions to help address the sector’s most pressing challenges. 

The Deloitte network also contributes generously in the wake of crises and natural disasters, such as providing cash donations to support immediate relief and recovery efforts. 

Making an impact on the lives of refugees

The world is witnessing the worst refugee crisis since World War II, with an unprecedented number of people fleeing conflict. As with all refugee situations, there are no simple solutions to solve the complex circumstances affecting the nearly 20 million refugees around the world. 

This unprecedented crisis requires innovative, collaborative solutions. Working with Oxford University’s Refugee Studies Centre, and a global technology company, Deloitte is piloting a cross-border initiative focused on realizing the economic potential of refugees living in Europe. The program aims to help unlock opportunities for refugees through research, and a technology solution that will help connect refugees with education, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Many Deloitte member firms are also taking action to support refugees, reflecting local context and needs. The support ranges from fundraising, volunteering and providing internships to refugees, to pro bono and client service work. 

Watch the video to discover how Deloitte member firms are making an impact on the refugee crisis around the world.

In recognition of the role of the private sector in supporting the refugee crisis response, Deloitte Global joined the Tent Partnership for Refugees in 2016. This alliance is connecting companies so they can work together, and with the public sector, to help end the refugee crisis. Deloitte professionals actively participate in its convenings and working groups.

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