Judiciary liquidation (insolvency)


Judiciary liquidation (insolvency)

It is not always possible to preserve a struggling business as a going concern. Liquidation provides a mechanism for the formal winding up of a company in a controlled manner by a liquidator appointed by the Court.

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Your benefit with Deloitte

The liquidator realizes assets for the benefit of creditors, shareholders and other stakeholders concerned.

The liquidators may also perform investigations into failed companies, examining the conduct of a company’s directors and senior management in order to establish the reasons for its failure. Deloitte closely work with the legal profession in this respect.

Benefit from our professional liquidation desk:

  • Interaction with the different authorities
  • Achievement of rapid payouts to investors
  • Recovering of debts
  • Filing of tax returns and tax reclaims
  • Optimization of the return on divested assets
  • Management of divested illiquid and complex asset
  • Management of creditors demand
  • Control of costs and free management time
  • Management of ongoing litigation


Nicolas Hennebert
Partner | Liquidation & Restructuring
+352 45145 4911

Martin Flaunet
Partner | Liquidation & Restructuring
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