Liquidation assistance


Liquidation assistance

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As part of the lifecycle of a Company, the voluntary liquidation is a common business decision. As per the Law, a liquidator must be appointed to perform the liquidation steps.

The directors or the management company can take the formal liquidator appointment.

We can assist the liquidator with his main objectives:

  • Realize the assets of the company;
  • Resolve all outstanding matters of the company, including the settlement of claims of all creditors;
  • Distribute the excess assets to the stakeholders;
  • Cost savings in term of accounting, tax returns, audit;
  • Recognize and avoiding corporate memory loss, the loss or lack of transfer of knowledge within an organization caused by departing senior executives;
  • Reducing the number of directorships held personally.

Your concerns

  • As liquidator you might be not aware of all the steps to perform during a liquidation process.
  • You want to keep the control of the liquidation processes, but you want to be assisted by our experts.
  • You want to delegate some tasks of the liquidation to our experts.


Nicolas Hennebert
Partner | Liquidation & Restructuring
+352 45145 4911

Sébastien Kellen
Director | Forensic & Restructuring
+352 45145 2135

Olivier Peter
Director | Forensic & Restructuring
+352 45145 4438

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