Talent sourcing and development

We offer a full range of talent sourcing and development services, including search and selection, assessment centres, and learning & development.

Search and selection

Recruitment requires business vision, expertise and knowledge to align the recruitment processes for the benefit of the organisation. Companies need to be active actors in the “War of Talent” if they are to attract, motivate and retain key talents in a very competitive environment.

Moreover, the financial downturn has put a high pressure on HR professionals to significantly reduce their recruitment costs. Still, organisations need to attract qualified candidates in a difficult market that refrains people from changing jobs.

Executive search and selection provides the most appropriate solutions to your recruitment needs. We offer a high degree of adaptation to fully complement and team up with your internal services. Like all our services, the search and selection offer is based on two key principles: utmost discretion and the highest standards of integrity.

Our recruitment services include:

  • Definition of recruitment strategies
  • Screening and selection, based on position advertisement and review of our internal database
  • Active executive search – for highly qualified profiles and confidential recruitments
  • Insourcing of an organisation’s whole recruitment process

Assessment centres

Companies require measurable data to ensure consistent and objective decision-making. Obtaining an overall understanding of key traits of personality, behavioural and management approaches of employees is essential to provide a more accurate person-job fit and drive the increase of business performance.

It is crucial to have the tools to proactively minimise recruitment risk, by evaluating candidates’ competencies and fit with their corporate culture, while ensuring that their future development will be based on systematic evaluation and objective decision criteria.

An assessment centre is a 'catch-all' term that refers to various tests and exercises designed to allow candidates to demonstrate the competencies that are the most essential for success in a given job – current or future.

Our services in this area include:

  • Detailed definition of the objective and scope of the assessment centres as well as the competency profile against which candidates are to be assessed
  • Identification of the tools to be used to meet the defined objectives, such as personality profiling (psychometric testing), simulation exercises and role plays
  • Development of appropriate assessment scenarios and their deployment

Learning and development

In a competitive environment, the ability to develop, retain and train your talents is a key business imperative. To help you address this challenge in the most appropriate manner, we can assist you in numerous ways along the learning and development value chain.

Our services in this area include:

  • Definition of development objectives
  • Design of your development curriculum
  • Definition of your training deployment plan
  • Delivery of the development programmes, and evaluating the quality of programmes delivered and effectiveness of their application in the learners’ work environments


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Basil Sommerfeld

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