Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

A shared future together

Business Process Outsourcing is like getting married – two parties decide to start a shared future together.

BPO as a transformation option

To develop a sustainable model for the future, organisations across various industries, particularly from financial services, have to rethink the way they operate – Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of the choices to make for a sustainable business.

The financial services industry is currently facing a set of fundamental changes and challenges. Today, financial services institutions across geographies have to cope with increasing tax transparency impacting the ROA; the acceleration of regulatory pressure (FATCA, EMIR, MiFID II, etc.); new markets and client types requiring new competencies, services and channels; new technologies and legacy technologies (e.g. complex application landscapes and obsolete systems that will need to be replaced).

These developments are putting considerable pressure on financial services institutions, and demand important strategic decisions. Existing players will have to accept these changes, adapt to them and develop a consistent approach for the future to create a sustainable model in order to remain competitive.

Several levers can be used by wealth financial services to review and adapt their business and operating models, which are closely interlinked.

Business process outsourcing—outsourcing of operations and IT – is one of the key strategic levers many financial services institutions are currently considering or have already used to fundamentally transform their operating models. Business process outsourcing is about strategic impact not only cost reduction – it allows financial services institutions to concentrate on their core business and to significantly increase efficiency by sharing operational and IT costs.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to business process outsourcing in financial services. When planning and realising a BPO project, your organisation needs to consider a number of dimensions and aspects to successfully realise the project. From day one, various key elements have to be analysed in order to ensure that you go in the right direction and don’t get lost. 

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Does BPO fit to your needs ?

Is BPO the right solution for your organisation and how should it be put into action?

To answer this question you will have to:

  • Assess the opportunity and impacts of BPO for your organisation and identify the right partner
  • Define the scope and build a business case
  • Analyse impacts (e.g. HR, regulatory, tax, etc.) and risks
  • Design the future operating model and prepare and plan the project 
  • Execute the transition & transformation 
  • Manage the level of services and the relationship on an on-going basis

This seems challenging?

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How Deloitte can help you ?

Business process outsourcing is a complex project but it is worth having a close look at this opportunity!

We can assist you in every step of the way from the design, planning and management of your project and the running phase! Our services offering covers all the aspects from the strategy and target operating model (TOM) definition, to the management of HR and regulatory aspects, the governance and IT architecture design to the implementation. With our proven methodology, experience and market knowledge we can support you and help you reaching your ambitions.

Our Business Process Outsourcing services


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