Deloitte Digital business obstacle: Digital Policy


Deloitte Digital business obstacle: Digital Policy

How can I use the constantly evolving digital environment to my organization's advantage?

Key facts and trends

The digital economy is disrupting our markets in many different ways: on the one side, the so-called “network effects” are promoting concentration on the digital services market. On the other side, new entrants can now challenge more easily and faster the traditional service providers. These new entrants bring new business models and they are making use of the opportunities created by both new technologies and loops in the current legislation. The importance of not losing the momentum is key, from all point of views: from regulators to our start-ups with potential for exponential growth, banking and insurance industry, TMT service providers, consumer goods manufacturers and a long-list encompassing all relevant economic sectors. The new rules of the game are being redefined right now and each company has to make sure that it stays at the top of the wave.

How Deloitte Digital can help

Deloitte helps you to evaluate the impact of digital disruptions on society and businesses, as well as in the current regulatory framework. Deloitte is monitoring and analyzing systematically and continually the nature, causes and effects of this overarching digital environment evolution, following the incoming trends and analysing the implementation and use of the new technologies. Many challenges and opportunities in the ecosystem are affecting the market. We provide you henceforth with performance analyses of the markets’ capabilities and readiness to be fit for this new era and the views on the required policy changes to keep up with this frenetic path of change. Thanks to our experience and global vision, together with our market expertise, we will be your sound policy advisors basing our advices on evidence, trends and impacts.

Commitment is one of Deloitte Digital’s core values, this is why we are keen to help you creating your roadmap and establish the requirements for a solid digital threat reduction strategy and to identify the relevant stakeholders to engage with.

Expected results

Deloitte Digital enables you to assess the impacts, opportunities and concerns from an economic, social and fiscal perspective with the aim to develop robust policy responses and adaptable regulatory frameworks. Involving the right stakeholders is a way to assure you a professional and efficient back up; we have a strong network and hands-on experience that both support the uncontested success of our solutions.

We optimise not only the commercial environment for both businesses and customers, but we also provide an enhanced and digitally well-functioning, secure and adaptive model of doing business, which can be replicated across markets. We have the knowledge on these new market functionings, and hence we can confront it with the actual regulation: this is how we can provide you with fine-tuned advisory services on regulatory impacts of these new market environements that can help enhance the legislative framework accompanying them.

Our added value

We would leverage on our expertise in Regulatory Strategy and Policy, as well as our more topic-specific capabilities on the functioning of the markets. We managed to create a trustable and professional provider for clients and our knowledge is cemented in some relevant engagements and major achievements.

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