Deloitte Digital business obstacle: Omni channel service distribution


Deloitte Digital business obstacle: Omni channel service distribution

How can I give my customers a best-in-class multi-channel experience and add sustainable value to my services?

Key facts and trends

If in recent decades, global economic actors used traditional physical offices and desks to propose products, services and advices to customers. The trend today from a customer point of view is to use multiple channels to get an augmented level of benefits, consequenlty the emergence and growing importance of online channels is linked to the declining use of those desk/physical office channels.

In the short term "online" will represent a larger volume of transactions such as update of customers’ details, exchanges of data, forms and submission of declarations. When most companies are today in a brand-centric approach, the future will be responding to a consumer-centric approach as it becomes critical to meet the customers expectation. In parallel to online services, the mobile devices are becoming the nerve to make the customer transactions a reality and are expected to grow even more robustly over the coming years to get access to services, information and exchanges. Omni channel is a word that rose in the last years and is concerning a new critical way to satisfy customer experience. It has nowadays become a necessity to be available for its clients, wherever he is and whatever he needs.

How Deloitte Digital can help

As obtaining, designing and implementing an operational and efficient digital platform is a critical investment, where wrong strategic decisions and mistakes for realisation are not allowed, Deloitte is helping you to define a clear multi/omni-channel vision, structred operating model, documented roadmap and implementation. We are also supporting you to calibrate the right service delivery per channel to drive process execution efficiency and defining business and technical requirements. We assist you building federated applicative environment, adapting the IT architecture and providing insights into customers’ behaviors and quality of services for appropriate target solution design.

Deloitte Digital helps you to develop a customised informational tactics, transactional operations and promotional campaigns, to set-up new organisation of work executing and enforcing your quality of service along the customer journey trough the delivery platform.

Expected results

Intensive usage of online customer account to greatly decrease staff time spent on the traditional “brick” channels by sourcing works to customers. When they are moving away from the “brick” to online and self services, there are main consequences for your organisation:

  • Increasing your capacity to offer a large panel of services, beyond the traditional code business,
  • Enlarging the source of revenues with permanent and variety of channels through sales platform,
  • Reducing operational costs with drastic reduction of back-office administrative tasks on repeatitive operations,
  • Focusing time spent on added value operations, quality of services & advice, and client satisfaction.

This transformation requires sufficient resource availability and a large range of online and tuned services as well as the adaption of the back- and front-office organisation.

Our added value

These trends make up a new dynamic and Deloitte recommends the adoption of a customer-oriented omnichannel approach, where channels are integrated and interdependent aiming to reach the more points of contact. The main source of savings growth will mainly come from simplification of service centralization and local office/desk activity volume reduction. As a result, you will observe and benefit direct channels with the emergence of new channels for the execution of non-complex and repeatable transactions. Direct channels will not only be dedicated to customers’ self-service, but also to the delegation of « online » and privative operations. In this complex technical environment, we will provide you a deep understanding of new technologies (i.e. cloud, big data, in-memory processing, blockchain), which will allow you to gain customers data-collection and data-centralization, regardless of the channel used.

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