Deloitte Digital and MuleSoft

Accelerating business outcomes with application networks

As the MuleSoft Partner of the Year, Deloitte Digital is working with MuleSoft to empower our clients to reimagine how they connect and engage with their customers and start thinking about their digital strategy through the lens of their corporate strategy.

Deloitte Digital receives four 2020 Partner of the Year awards

Each year the MuleSoft Partner Awards recognize top performing partners that excel in growing the business through innovation, product training and certification. The 2020 awards focus on those with skills and expertise that leverage MuleSoft’s API-led connectivity to help customers unlock business capability and build application networks that accelerate the speed of information technology delivery. The result is an increased organization agility and enabled innovation at scale for Deloitte Digital and MuleSoft customers.

The following is a complete list of 2020 awards received by Deloitte Digital:

  • Global Channels Partner of the Year
  • Americas Channels Partner of the Year
  • EMEA Channels Partner of the Year
  • JAPAC Channels Partner of the Year

Deloitte Digital and MuleSoft

Solving our clients, most challenging connectivity problems across applications, data sources, and APIs.

As Global MuleSoft Partner of the Year, Deloitte Digital is working with MuleSoft to create innovative customer experiences easier. In a rapid technology environment, CIOs and technology leaders must be nimble in their roles to find ways to innovate faster and stay ahead of the competition. To that end, we can help CIOs meet the continuously evolving demand to connect to data that can be used to take advantage of disruptors and create transformation opportunities for the business.

Bill Briggs, CTO, Deloitte Consulting LLP, on the Deloitte Digital and MuleSoft alliance

To become an intuitive API-led enterprise requires a systematic, holistic re-orchestration of people, processes, and technology in a way that addresses new threats and opportunities. Bill Briggs, Deloitte CTO, discusses how the Deloitte Digital and MuleSoft alliance can help companies change and innovate ways to connect and engage with their customers.

I am so thrilled about where MuleSoft and Deloitte are going, and more importantly how together we can help our clients imagine the future role of their business.

— Bill Briggs, CTO of Deloitte

Exponential connections and scalable businesses models with Deloitte Digital and MuleSoft digital engagement platforms

The combination of Deloitte Digital's deep industry experience, business advisory, and change management services, coupled with MuleSoft's unified, low friction, and future-proof connectivity platform delivers solutions that can help solve pressing IT challenges and can allow you to scale to greater heights. Deloitte Digital has teamed with MuleSoft to change the way IT organizations across multiple industries address the problem of data disaggregation and accessibility.

The strength of our alliance is helping CIOs meet the continuously evolving demand to connect to data that can be used to take advantage of disruptors and create transformation opportunities for the business through industry solutions like:

  • API Led Transformation
    In today's enterprise environment APIs are becoming more valuable than ever before. This webinar will cover how to implement APIs to create value in your organization. We will define an an approach to developing an API strategy for the enterprise that will both optimize near-term outputs and ensure the foundation for future scale. Watch the webinar or listen to the podcast.
  • CareConnect 
    With CareConnect, Deloitte Digital is helping providers take an intuitive and collaborative approach to healthcare. The solution is powered by MuleSoft, which supplies the connectivity between clinical and non-clinical systems necessary to support superior digital engagement that is integral in making patient-centered care a reality and can help hospitals and health systems to acquire more patients, retain existing patients, and improve care outcomes.
  • Digital Bank
    Deloitte's Digital Bank solution utilizes the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform to help deliver a simplified, digital banking experience, which can provide effective and efficient scaling without incurring exponential increases in cost. With Digital Bank, Deloitte Digital and MuleSoft are providing in-country, cross-border, person-to-person, and business-to-business payment processing at a fraction of the current cost while significantly reducing the processing time.

  • Member Connect
    Deloitte Digital's Member Connect is a health plan accelerator that allows our clients to connect with consumers in new ways due to shifts in healthcare regulations and business landscapes. This industry-focused accelerator puts an emphasis on providing an intuitive approach to the customer journey by focusing on omnichannel interactions with a holistic view of the customer.

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