Southeast Asia CFO Agenda 2022

The evolving roles of the CFO

There is no better time than now for CFOs to play a pivotal role with their business knowledge, analytical insights and data.

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With the realisation that COVID-19 is here to stay, organisations who had been recovering from its initial impacts has begun, or are considering strategy shifts to emerge stronger.

Southeast Asian CFOs and their finance functions are now taking stock of their evolving roles as they consider actions needed to reimagine and shape their future. Through a survey and a series of in-depth conversations with SEA CFOs across different sectors, we were able to look through their lenses as they reimagine the future for their role and teams.

In our second edition of the Deloitte SEA CFO Agenda report, we uncovered CFOs’ growing concerns in people and talent, digital disruption and operations issues, on top of perennial concerns like supply chain and cash flow. We also revealed the role of finance evolving in two important ways:

  1. Transforming finance in strategic areas
  2. Enabling the finance workforce
SEA CFO Agenda 2021 - Full report

About CFO Surveys

The SEA CFO Survey tracks the latest thoughts and actions of Southeast Asian CFOs. This is a mechanism that provides CFOs a means for them to check their thinking against that of their peers on the top issues keeping them awake at night.

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