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Ethics at Deloitte

It starts with integrity

At Deloitte, integrity is fundamental. Deloitte’s ethics program helps build ethical sensitivity, encourages consultation and supports ethical decision-making.

Leading Ethics at Deloitte

Respected organisations around the world trust Deloitte member firm professionals to execute their most ambitious projects, manage highly confidential information and develop ideas and approaches that can alter the course of their businesses. That trust has been – and continues to be – earned thousands of times each day by Deloitte member firm practitioners.

Ethical behavior among Deloitte professionals is fundamental and not negotiable. That’s why DTTL’s Global Chief Ethics Officer and the Global Ethics team work with member firm leaders and Ethics Officers to implement the organisation's ethics program and build a culture of integrity. Together, they help keep a continuous spotlight on ethics by communicating expectations of behavior and working to embed ethical decision-making into key processes and initiatives.

“Deloitte stakeholders expect our network to lead by delivering quality and acting with integrity. Our member firm ethics programs, with the support of the Global Ethics team, help Deloitte people to meet that expectation”, says Gianmario Crescentino, Deloitte Global Chief Ethics Officer and Managing Director, Risk and Reputation. “To make an impact that matters, each of us has a personal responsibility to put integrity first. Deloitte people recognise that and work to make decisions that align to our values and purpose.”

Debbie Rheder, Deloitte Global Chief Ethics Officer

Deloitte’s commitment to ethics

The Deloitte network of member firms conducts business in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and professional standards, providing quality service to clients and building trust and confidence in global markets. In addition, Deloitte member firms implement internal policies and standards to address important professional behavior that may not be governed by professional requirements.

The Global Principles of Business Conduct (“Global Code”) for the Deloitte network outlines the commitments that each of us make. Based on our Shared Values, the Global Code reflects our core belief that, at Deloitte, ethics and integrity are fundamental and not negotiable.

The Global Code is supplemented by member firm ethics programs which provide support to build ethical judgment and decision-making skills in all Deloitte people. Each member firm has an appointed Ethics Officer, and provides ethics training and channels for consulting on difficult issues and reporting suspected misconduct. Each member firm in the Deloitte network commits to the Global Code and, as appropriate, builds on it through more detailed local codes of conduct.

Consultation goes to the heart of the Deloitte culture, and avoids our people having to resolve a difficult ethical situation alone. Individuals are encouraged to consult with their colleagues, line managers, leaders or through their member firm’s normal work channels. In addition, formal ethics reporting channels are available for those who seek a confidential route for consultation.

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Deloitte’s Shared Values

Our purpose – to make an impact that matters – and our aspiration – to be the undisputed leader in professional services – define us. At the root of these goals are our Shared Values. These Shared Values are timeless and they describe the distinctive Deloitte culture.

Lead the way

With our unmatched scale, scope, skill, and service excellence, Deloitte is not only leading the profession, but reinventing it for the future. And we are putting those same attributes to work in our communities, creating opportunity and leading the way to a better, stronger, and more sustainable world.

Serve with integrity

By acting ethically and with integrity, and serving as role models in our communities, Deloitte has earned the trust of clients, regulators, and the public. Upholding that trust is our single most important responsibility – the reason we do what is right, always.

Take care of each other

At the heart of Deloitte culture is the understanding that “we are all in this together.” We look out for one another and prioritize respect, fairness, development, and well-being.

Foster inclusion

We are at our best when we foster an inclusive culture and embrace diversity in all forms. We know this attracts top talent, enables innovation, and helps deliver well-rounded client solutions. We are committed to empowering all people to grow and achieve, accelerating diversity in leadership, and building balance for better.

Collaborate for measurable impact

We approach our work with a collaborative mindset, teaming across businesses, geographies, and skill sets to deliver tangible, measurable, attributable impact. We measure our success not only by metrics, but by the strength of the relationships we build, the level of innovation we bring to solving problems, and the company we keep as we deliver the best of Deloitte to the world.

Ethics at Deloitte
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