The Deloitte Global 2023 Gen Z and Millennial Survey

The 12th edition of Deloitte’s Gen Z and Millennial Survey looks back to see how the last three years have impacted these generations and finds that while they acknowledge some positive change, they remain deeply concerned about their futures.

The survey of more than 22,000 Gen Zs and millennials across 44 countries examines their shifting relationship with work, how they continue to make lifestyle and career decisions based on their values, and underscores continuing concerns about finances, climate change, and mental health.

The report explores six key themes:

  • Gen Zs and millennials acknowledge workplace progress since pre COVID-19-pandemic times, but business more broadly is still not living up to expectations—less than half of respondents believe business is having a positive societal impact.
  • Cost of living remains a top concern, and economic uncertainty is hampering their ability to plan for their futures. Many are taking on side jobs to respond to financial pressures.
  • While nearly half of Gen Zs and a majority of millennials say their job is central to their identities, they place a strong focus on work/life balance. They are seeking more flexibility in where and when they work.
  • Persistent stress and burnout are straining these generations. In addition to the Gen Z and Millennial Survey, the Mental Health Deep Dive, based on the survey data, digs into these findings.
  • Workplace harassment and microaggressions are a major concern for these generations, particularly among Gen Zs.
  • The drive for greater environmental sustainability and social impact is guiding Gen Zs’ and millennials’ lifestyle and career decisions.

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