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Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

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Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (CR&S) addresses how a firm manages its business processes to generate stakeholder value while having a positive impact on the community and minimising any adverse impact on the environment. Professional behaviour is driven by our firm’s vision, mission and values.

Deloitte believes business is at its best when it helps to build a better society. The Deloitte network makes a difference by making progress with government, business, and civil society to create a positive impact, worldwide, every day.
Under the global CR&S strategy, Deloitte member firms are accelerating progress toward solutions to society's most pressing challenges in key areas:

  • Social innovation – Engaging in meaningful pro bono projects and events designed to tackle some of the world's most pressing challenges, for example:
  • Access to education and skills development – Providing opportunities for underserved young people to fulfill their aspirations and potential
  • Humanitarian action and disaster relief – Enhancing the crisis readiness and preparedness of humanitarian organizations (e.g., humanitarian innovation projects, cross-border refugee project, and the DTTL disaster relief fund)
  • Community engagement – Contributing locally through skills-based volunteering, strategic relationships with not-for-profits.
  • Environmental sustainability – Advancing the sustainability agenda in Deloitte's operations and member firms' client work
  • Reporting – Measuring the social and environmental impact of our activity and initiatives, and sharing it with our stakeholders.
  • Responsible supply chain – Choosing suppliers and making purchasing decisions that satisfy the social and environmental expectations of clients, talent, and other key stakeholders.

Deloitte Malta contributes towards the community in a variety of ways. This includes sponsorec clean ups or running in the Malta Marathon for charity, organising Blood donation drives, supporting feeding and livelihood programmes locally and abroad, providing books and bookshelves to care homes and supporting the Foodbank Lifeline Reverse Calendar initiative to name a few.

Community Impact events draw voluneers and collections towards various charities such as Dar Merhba Bik, Hospice Malta, Dar Kenn Ghal Sahhtek, Reaching Cambodia, Malta Dementia Society, Action For Breast Cancer, Fondazzjoni Suret il-Bniedem, St. Patricks, St. Josephs to name a few.

Deloitte Malta is also committed to helping its people adopt and share sustainability-focused approaches to their professional lives and their engagement in their communities by advancing it's own sustainability agenda. Plastic-free canteens and recycling processes are a standard at Deloitte Malta premises while carbon footprint reduction goals are assessed yearly.

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