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Deloitte is led by a purpose: to make an impact that matters. This purpose defines who we are. It endures—transcending the everyday and binds us together. It gives us our reason to exist. Through the Deloitte Foundation, we are bringing our purpose to life.

By leveraging our knowledge, expertise, resources and by collaborating with strategic partners, the aims of the Deloitte Foundation are to make an impact that matters through initiatives that promote education, sustainable use of natural resources and environment, culture and societal impact. The Deloitte Foundation is the cornerstone of our commitment to our community in Malta.

Founded in 2019, the Deloitte Foundation, is a non-profit voluntary organisation which supports initiatives under four pillars:

The four pillars


Quality education

Education is a key investment for the future; it contributes to economic growth, social value and individual fulfilment. The Deloitte Foundation supports organisations and initiatives whose purpose is in educating and inspiring others. Furthermore, it supports and promote initiatives integral to WorldClass, a social impact initiative created as part of our firm’s global corporate responsibility (CR) strategy whose aim is to align local CR activities around one global mission: preparing 50 million futures by 2030. Learn more.



Environmental sustainability

As a leading professional services firm, we have a significant responsibility to care for the planet. Whilst exemplifying our obligations through internal sustainability initiatives and environmental impact reduction goals at Deloitte Malta, the Deloitte Foundation commits to promoting environmental sustainability across all our spheres of influence.



Cultural heritage

Culture and its heritage reflect and shape values, beliefs, and aspirations, thereby defining a people’s national identity. It is important to preserve our cultural heritage, because it keeps our integrity as a people and gives places their character and individuality. It creates a focus for community pride, a sense of shared history, and a sense of belonging. Maltese folklore, traditions and language, artisans, artists and scholars, historical sites, monuments, buildings and public spaces in villages, towns and cities, provide a focus for social and economic activity and a vibrant cultural identity. The Deloitte Foundation supports organisations and initiatives whose purpose is to safeguard and enhance the value of culture and heritage.



Societal impact

Events and situations sometimes occur that affect the normal course of life, leading to poverty, illness, social injustice or emergencies. Such critical situations deserve attention, to which the Deloitte Foundation shall not be indifferent; by committing toward promoting the empowerment of human value, advocating healthier lifestyles, supporting animal welfare and organisations and initiatives whose purpose is to safeguard society.

The Deloitte Foundation statement

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Through the Deloitte purpose, we are committed to helping to advancing solutions to global challenges. Underpinning the Deloitte Foundation is a firm commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Launched in 2015, the SGDs encompass 17 bold goals to strengthen People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership by 2030.

Meeting such a deadline requires innovative collaborative solutions. Yet solving challenging problems is at the heart of what Deloitte professionals do every day. Around the world, Deloitte practitioners are identifying and nurturing innovative solutions and insights for social good, and making an impact that matters in society.

Learn more here.


Deloitte has always put the talent of their people to good use, knowing that their knowledge and skills can make a difference. We believe that we can make an impact on society, and the clients we support, by using our core skills and expertise. The Deloitte Foundation is committed to providing assistance through pro-bono activities and encourages its practitioners to promote and support projects that they feel passionate about.

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