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Deloitte Malta

The following is a list of partners of Deloitte, a partnership constituted in terms of the Civil Code, Chapter 16 of the Laws of Malta.

Name Warrant Ref. Co. Ref.
DTT 03 LIMITED AB/26/84/85 C50174
DTT 05 LIMITED AB/26/84/87 C50177
DTT 07 LIMITED AB/26/84/89 C50179
DTT 10 LIMITED AB/26/84/91 C50183
DTT 11 LIMITED AB/26/84/92 C50184
DTT 13 LIMITED n/a C50186
DTT 14 LIMITED AB/26/84/94 C43933
DTT 15 LIMITED AB/26/84/95 C50187
DTT 16 LIMITED AB/2/19/14 C92012
DTT 17 LIMITED AB/2/19/15 C92013
DTT 18 LIMITED n/a C92014


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