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Deloitte Foundation announces Seabin launch to help the fight against micro-plastic sea pollutants

26 January 2022 - Malta. Deloitte Foundation has announced the launch of its "Seabin", a collector system for floating plastic waste discarded in our marine ecosystem. In coordination with NGO Żibel and Strand Marine Systems, the Seabin has been placed in the waters at Marina Di Valletta near Pieta Creek, Marsamxett Harbour, an area where micro-plastics and other water contaminants are deemed high in quantity, in an effort to reduce the pollution of waters in these areas of buildup.

A Deloitte Foundation representative commented, “Much has already been said in terms of there being a climate emergency and it is only by taking meaningful actions, both as organisations and as individuals, that we can make a positive climate impact. With the Seabin, we are adding our voice to the need for cleaner waters through responsible choices as well as joining the network of like-minded organisations who value the importance of environmental sustainability, which is one of the pillars of the Foundation’s diversified strategy toward making an impact that matters.”

The Seabin will attract floating waste and hydrocarbons to the collector through a constant flow. Wastes are collected in a bag of natural fibres and a separator cleans the water that will be released. Once full, contents are weighed, data is recorded by maintenance personnel, and the waste is disposed of. The Seabin is then reintroduced to the water to begin a new cleaning cycle. This eco-friendly and innovative solution will be launched this summer and will form part of the already sizeable array of Seabins around the Maltese islands.

Plastic pollution is an environmental challenge. As 300 billion tons of plastic are discarded in aquatic environments each year, taking centuries to break down, over 1 million marine animals and 200,000 mammals die because of this neglegence. The microscopic compounds which come from their breakdown are ingested by the seafood and fauna that arrive on our plates. The Seabin is a way of raising awareness to the problem and contributes to a network of Seabins in Malta that are helping to negate the environmental impact of sea pollutants.

Deloitte has already launched its WorldClimate strategy which commits to being net-zero by 2030. This target is set to be achieved by reducing travel, investing in renewable energies, and adopting sustainable actions through science-based targets. The strategy also focuses on sustainability by aligning climate policies, practices, and actions across the organisation, as well as empowering its people to make positive climate choices. Collaborations with sustainable ecosystems and alliances will also drive demand for change – the Seabin being an example of this on a local level.

“In line with our WorldClimate strategy, the Seabin raises awareness about the impact of sea pollutants, especially micro-plastics” said Simon Zammit Cutajar, WorldClimate Geography Lead for Malta. “On an individual level, no matter the size of the action, positive climate choices such as less plastic usage, reusing, and recycling, contribute to a greater climate impact. It’s about adopting choices that work best for each of us. To help step up to the challenge, our Impact Quiz measures the climate impact of individuals through their consumption choices in 4 categories; travel, food, home, and purchasing decisions and prompts you to ask: What climate action can I take today?” To participate in the Climate Impact Quiz, please visit

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