EC approves €5.3 million Malta scheme to support R&D related to COVID-19

COVID-19 news

23 April 2020

Following Malta’s notification to the European Commission under the current Temporary Framework to enable Member States to support their economy during the COVID-19 outbreak as extended on 3 April, the European Commission recently approved a €5.3 million direct grants scheme to support the development of innovative solutions to the current health crisis.

These solutions include, amongst others, relevant medicinal products and treatments, medical devices, hospital and medical equipment, disinfectants, data collection and processing tools, and applications supporting a better dissemination of recommendations by health authorities.

The scheme shall be accessible to companies of all sizes, including public entities that have establishment in Malta and intend to carry out the foregoing projects and other relevant R&D projects. The aid intensity of the scheme varies between 80% and 100% of the costs incurred by the beneficiary, depending on the activity performed and the presence of cross-border collaborations.

The European Commission determined that Malta’s scheme is necessary, appropriate and proportionate to fight the COVID-19 outbreak, in line with article 107(3)(c) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and the current Temporary Framework for EU State Aid rules.

The full text of the press release of the European Commission may be accessed here.

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