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Deloitte Malta CR&S makes an impact that matters during COVID-19

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CR&S response to the crisis sees funding of community support services through the Deloitte Foundation, while complimentary public webinars on topics of interest related to COVID-19 were delivered by Deloitte subject matter experts.

Deloitte Malta CR&S response to COVID-19 has seen two key channels of support take shape: Through Deloitte Foundation, funding for local support services that are focussed on helping those in need during the pandemic, while the support and expertise of its practitioners enabled the implementation of free weekly webinars which delivered content ranging from business perspectives to mental well-being.

Through a community funding plan, the Deloitte Foundation has given its support to organisations in need such as the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation, who provide food packages to feed over 80 families and individuals every week, and Hospice Malta, who provide palliative care for people with cancer, motor neurone disease, end of life respiratory, cardiac, renal and liver disease. Through VOTO, a philanthropic organisation which supports social cases, Deloitte Malta also donated funds towards a supermarket shopping initiative, through which families who have been badly hit by the crisis will be provided with food items and other basic essentials.

Deloitte Consulting, supported by the Deloitte Foundation, has designed a new service for the Richmond Foundation called ‘Healthy Minds Work’ which will be offering new options for the wellbeing of management and employees along with previous services offered by Richmond Foundation, which have also been revamped. The Richmond Foundation offers all-round support to anyone experiencing mental health problems and the people who live and work with them.  

More initiatives are outlined to take place over the coming months to collaborate with support services for underprivileged and socially excluded families/individuals throughout this difficult time.

Webinars have been a featured communications channel globally throughout COVID-19 and Deloitte Malta has also seen fit to offer its own series of free webinars aimed at the general public. Weekly COVID-19 webinars focussed on a broad range of COVID-19 related topics ranging from business perspectives such tax considerations, managing cash flow, ESG and sustainable finance, business design and accounting considerations, through to managing employees well-being.

Deloitte Malta CR&S lead, Lisa Dimbleby, said “At Deloitte, we are very passionate about working with the community, which is why we established the Deloitte Foundation in 2019. With COVID-19, the need to provide support to our communities has been even more important. As soon as the COVID situation was upon us, we were keen to see how to turn business as usual into an impactful response to the situation. Through the Deloitte Foundation and Deloitte COVID-19 webinars we have been able to offer financial assistance to support services in need while also making use of the voluntary support of our subject matter experts to offer complimentary guidance on topical matters of interest through the use of publicly available digital channels.”

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