Audit in Malta

Audit and assurance

Our audit function comprises approximately 110 professionals. Our team is highly trained and fully committed to provide audit and assurance services to the highest standards. A substantial number of our professional staff have had the opportunity to work alongside their counterparts and develop their skills with overseas Deloitte offices namely in leading European financial services centers. These skills translate into higher quality audits which add value to our clients.

In order to ensure high-quality financial information, our auditors' work is governed by International Standards on Auditing, which are in accordance with those applicable in all of the world’s major financial centers.

Our audit services go beyond merely meeting statutory requirements. We help our clients perform better. We listen to their needs, think about the business implications, and tailor our approach accordingly. Our aim has and will continue to be to exceed our client’s expectations and to add value to their business.

We service clients operating both locally and internationally and include companies involved in a broad cross section of industries including:

Amongst our list of clients are traditional long standing family run businesses which have grown steadily over the years, small and medium sized companies as well as a number of listed companies and regulated entities.

Audit Technology and AuditSystem/2™

We hold to our reputation as the professional services organisation that stands ahead of its competitors in tooling up for the future. Our audit approach emphasises adding value to our clients by enhancing quality and productivity. AuditSystem/2™ is Microsoft Windows-based, utilising industry standard software, and will directly access and handle data from accounting systems - reducing the time involved and the risk of error. In delivering our audit services we use a computer-based approach - AuditSystem/2™ -which is unique to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited and is internationally recognised, both by the business community and by our peers in the accounting profession, as the leading auditing software in use today.

The Deloitte approach is risk-based, which means that we get to the heart of the issues that affect businesses and company financial statements.

Prior to carrying out our audit we meet with our client’s management to determine their needs, expectations, and professional service requirements. AuditSystem/2™ incorporates our proprietary Smart Audit Support technology, which helps us to identify and assess risks, evaluate internal controls, and develop an effective and efficient audit plan.

Technical Leadership

We value quality in services that we provide and have invested significantly over the years to ensure that our staff are kept abreast of changes in applicable accounting standards. Our technical team comprises three senior members of staff who are dedicated exclusively to building up their technical expertise on accounting standards and spreading their knowledge to other professional staff.

In addition, through the use of our Deloitte network, we have direct access to an international group of full time IFRS professionals involved in understanding and researching developments in accounting standards and providing quick responses to service our client’s needs in the light of business changes and complexities.


Sarah Curmi

Sarah Curmi

Audit & Assurance Business Leader

Sarah has over 30 years of experience in audit supported by a two-year term in Financial Advisory. She has significant experience working overseas and collaborating with other Deloitte member firms. S... More