Blockchain assurance offerings

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Deloitte is able to offer a broad range of services to entities operating across multiple sectors. The following have been identified as service offerings that are key to entities operating in the blockchain sector.

Regulatory compliance

Systems Audit Type I & II in line with VFA & ITAs Acts based upon the ISAE3000 framework

Technical assurance

Agreed upon procedures

Smart contract review

Fact finding report on the underlying smart contract security and enlisting the objectives of the implemented properties, functions and procedures in line with the corresponding whitepaper.

Key management review

Fact finding report on the security aspects of the cryptographic solutions in use by the entity.

Transaction monitoring

Agreed upon procedure

Reconciliation of transactions recorded by the provided wallet addresses against third party sources. Conventional crypto currencies are monitored and traced through public sources or independent Deloitte owned nodes in Japan or the United States.

Proof of ownership

Agreed upon procedure

Performance of procedures to report on the ownership of wallets which hold the specified assets and the value of the assets held.

Proof of origin (source of wealth)

Agreed upon procedure

For each provided wallet address, we reconcile the transactions related to acquisition/holding of crypto assets positions against the corresponding fiat transaction with evidence in the form of cash transfer confirmation, bank wire confirmation, account information, loan agreements or similar documents from involved parties, e.g. shareholder, banks, exchanges, brokers, custodians.

Agreed Upon Procedure (AUP) engagements will be conducted in line with the requirements of ISRS 4400 (International Standard on Related Services 4400).

It is understood that all clients must be onboarded and services provided by Deloitte will be subject to Deloitte due diligence and KYC processes prior to acceptance. 

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