Life at Deloitte

Learning and development

Nurturing top talent

People first. That is true at Deloitte Malta where we depend on the knowledge, skills, expertise and motivation of our human resources. The learning requirements of our staff members is among our major and long term aims. The process of learning is directed to inculcate in every staff member a sense of professionalism, excellence, motivation and client satisfaction. Many factors influence your learning activities, including member firm requirements such as orientation and Independence e-learning, specific requirements and learning needs.

Training from the start

Joining Deloitte automatically enrols you to our Orientation Programme, our firm-wide induction program, to give you an overview of the firm, an introduction to HR policies and procedures, ethics and independence awareness and detailed instructions on how to fill in timesheets and expense submissions. 

Learning from the best

You’ll benefit from the practice’s wealth of expertise and knowledge. Through a continual program of internal and external training, you’ll learn not only about the technical aspects of tax that set us apart from our competitors but also about the industries in which your clients work, whether this is financial services, sport, leisure, real estate, manufacturing, technology, or any other industry you can think of. 

You’ll benefit from the practice’s wealth of expertise and knowledge 

All the support you need

On joining, you’ll be allocated a Manager and a buddy. Your Manager is someone who, as part of the performance management process, can work with you to identify training needs and provide feedback, particularly during the mid-year and annual review process. This is a two-way process and you will be able to discuss how you feel about your development and what objectives you wish to set for the future.

Your buddy is there to answer those tricky questions you have in those first few weeks, help advise on workload and be a ready-made friend. In addition, all of your managers and colleagues will be committed to your personal learning and development. 

On-going development

At Deloitte, everyone is responsible for driving their own learning - professional and personal development. To support this, we have an online learning tool which brings together all of the learning resources available within the firm and helps you to plan, manage, and track your own learning. This might incorporate mandatory technical training, optional skills learning, face-to-face training and workshops, e-learning Harvard courses, or working your way through some of our 10,000 online books. 

At Deloitte, everyone is responsible for driving their own learning

Technical training

The technical department is dedicated to providing you with quality technical training for your level.

Technical training is provided via a number of learning methods. These include: on-the-job learning, through support from your managers and director, instructor-led workshops, e-learning modules and professional reading and research.

You will be encouraged to pursue further qualifications or attend training programme depending on the service line that you are working in. 

Professional Journey

At Deloitte, you will experience a journey that builds you as a professional to successfully perform in your role and progress in your career.

Your professional journey is not just about attending a training programme. You will explore areas of strength, areas for development, set performance expectations and create a career development plan. Development is matched to your specific needs and is a combination of on the job coaching, formal learning and blended resources from books, to article, podcasts and videos, and is formally reviewed biannually. 

You will experience a journey that builds you as a professional

External study

Your continuous growth and development also extends to further studies. We recognise the importance of accessing best practice external programmes and study to complement the technical and non-technical training delivered in-house. External study gives you the opportunity to grow and improve your skills, knowledge and career opportunities in order to provide excellent service to our clients. We are committed to providing the best possible study support. 

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