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Malta quick facts and figures

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Malta quick facts

Facts and figures

Country's full name

Republic of Malta (Repubblika ta' Malta)

Capital city




Official languages

Maltese and English

Time zone

GMT +1


Euro (€), Malta joined the eurozone January 1, 2008

GDP per Capita (€) at market prices

22,700 (2016)


93 km south of Sicily and 288 km east of Tunisia.

International Dialing Code



Malta is 316 sq km and is composed of three major islands:

  • Malta Island 246 sq km (94.9 square miles).
  • Gozo 67 sq km (25.9 square miles).
  • Comino 3 sq km (1.1 square miles).
  • There are also some minor uninhabited islands.


Mostly low, rocky, with dissected plains and many coastal cliffs


Mediterranean climate with mild, rainy winters and hot dry summers. Sunny climate with a daily average of 6 hours sunshine in mid-winter to more than 12 hours in summer. Annual rainfall is 23 inches and falls mostly between October and March.

Average temperature

Dec - Feb 13.2°c
June - Aug 25.8°c

Main economic sectors

Tourism, high value added manufacturing, life sciences and pharmaceuticals, ICT, financial services, education and training, creative arts, aviation, maritime.

Main trading partners

Italy, Germany, France, UK, USA, Turkey, Greece, China and Libya.

Labour force



c. 3.7%

Arriving tourists

2,273,837 (2017)


Main religion is Roman Catholic, but other religions are also followed.

Head of State

President - Mrs Marie Louise Coleiro Preca

Head of Government

Prime Minister - Dr Joseph Muscat

Ruling Party

Labour Party

Administrative divisions

The country is administered directly from the capital Valletta. However, there are 68 local councils.

Electricity Supply

Conforms to UK standards (230 volts AC, 50 Hz). UK-style three-pin plugs and sockets are used.

Weights & Measures



Domain suffix for Malta is .mt


WEF Global Competitiveness Report (40 out of 138 countries)

  • 18th - Health and primary education
  • 20th - Technological readiness
  • 21st - Macroeconomic Environment
  • 30th - Goods market efficiency
  • 38th - Higher education and training
  • 38th - Institutions
  • 40th - Infrastructure
  • 40th - Business sophistication
  • 41st - Labour market efficiency
  • 41st - Financial market development
  • 41st - Innovation

Other Rankings


33rd - Malta’s ranking out of 169 countries in the Human Development Report

Quality of Life

5th - Best place to work abroad (Expat Insider survey 2017)

7th - Best place to live (Expat Insider survey 2017)

6th - The island nation’s overall ranking in the Quality of Life Index

National Holidays

Public Holidays


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