What jobs can I get with my degree?

When you're nearing the end of your studies and have probably started planning your next steps. Everyone has different career goals, and some may have not yet figured them out.

If you’re wondering where your degree can take you, take a look at Deloitte and their people. See where they started and how far they’ve come.

Becky Naudi – Quality and Risk Management at Deloitte

Management and Banking and Finance

"The area of finance is extremely vast and I like the variety that it offers. I was always drawn to the area of Risk Management and the idea of helping to protect and prevent the bad things from happening. I’ve been working in the Quality and Risk Management team at Deloitte for three years now, specialising in the field of independence. Before joining Deloitte, I had heard about the atmosphere and vibe the company offers and this greatly influenced my decision to apply in the first place. Deloitte gives you the chance to work alongside top people in the business which is also a big plus, especially for a graduate to learn."

Claudia Sammut – Audit and Assurance at Deloitte

ACCA and Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Insurance)

"I was interested in this field from a young age and knew it would provide me with great opportunities late on in life. Growing up, both my brother and sister were following this line of study and this spurred me on further. Knowing that Deloitte is one of the leading work places when it comes to professionalism, growth and global networking, I applied for a summer placement and eventually joined the ACCA programme after completing my degree. I am now an Assistant Manager in the Audit FSI department."

Iduna van Engelen – Risk Advisory at Deloitte

Financial Management

"I chose my degree in financial management because I was always fascinated by the functioning and intricacies of financial markets, and the way they are intertwined with almost everything we do. Once I completed my masters, I still wasn’t entirely sure where I would fit in and see myself developing my career. For that reason, I knew I wanted to start off with a company offering a wide range of services, ideally across a number of industries, so that I could get exposed to as much knowledge and experience as possible. Considering the reputation Deloitte holds, combined with the fact that I knew several individuals happily working at Deloitte across the globe, made the decision to apply a no-brainer. Today, I am a senior consultant within the Risk Advisory team of Deloitte."

Andrea Muscat – Consulting at Deloitte

Business and Computing

"I was convinced that I wanted to get into the business side of things, mainly economics. However, after a summer job working in an IT team, I wanted to keep both options open. Business & Computing allowed me to get a flavour of both worlds and enable me to take a decision as to which path to focus on after University. I now manage a fantastic team of technical people at Deloitte Digital and I am involved in areas such as project management, business analysis and business development."

Timmy Borg Olivier – Tax at Deloitte


"Having just finished my A levels and being unsure of what I wanted to do in the future, I decided to enrol in the Law Course at the University of Malta. At the time I thought that studying law would open up a number of different opportunities beyond the law courts and this understanding was confirmed time and time again throughout the six year journey. Throughout my degree, I was on Deloitte’s student programme which offered the possibility of getting exposure to a number of different areas of the law whilst forming part of a global brand and interacting with people from all over the world. Almost eight years later I have completed the law course and went on to read for a Masters in International Tax Law at the University of Leiden, with Deloitte providing the necessary guidance and assistance. I am now a Senior Manager within the Tax team and haven’t looked back on my decision to join Deloitte."

Julian Sant – Financial Advisory at Deloitte

Banking and Finance

"As most students are, I was undecided as to which career path I wanted to pursue and therefore, chose a degree that would keep my options fairly open. I always enjoyed finance, decision making and strategy and this course provided the opportunity to expose myself to various fields of banking and finance before deciding. As I progressed through the course, corporate finance was something that interested me the most and led me to apply for a job within this field at Deloitte. I currently focus on financial feasibility studies for investments, business planning, financial strategy, EU funding and value added advisory."

Rebecca Bartolo – IT Specialist at Deloitte

Business and Computing

"I was always interested in both Accounting and IT and could not decide whether to go for BCom Accountancy of BSC IT. The study units in Business and Computing are a mix of business, finance and IT which I believe in today’s world one cannot exist without the other. I originally applied for a role in compliance after graduating as I assumed it would be a good starting point of administering databases, however Deloitte gave me the opportunity to try out IT Audit which includes analysing and assessing a company’s technological infrastructure. My degree provided me with a solid foundation for a job which I did not know existed prior to me joining Deloitte."

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