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Establishing the road to a global consumer recovery in the era of COVID-19

In 2020, what began as a global health crisis gave way to an economic crisis. As economies around the globe navigate new COVID cases, new virus strains and vaccine rollouts, we are living in a fundamentally altered world. To better understand changing consumer sentiment and behaviour, we have been tracking monthly the relationship between physical and financial well-being, spending intentions and the trends accelerated by the pandemic.

Deloitte state of the consumer tracker features an interactive dashboard which is updated monthly, allowing you to play with the data to see how these dynamics continue to unfold.

Sectors include: Concerns/Anxiety, Spending intentions, Consumer/Retail, Travel/Hospitality, Automotive.

Please explore the interactive dashboard and collections of additional sector-specific and trending insights.


Latest highlights

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Persistent pandemic uncertainty continues to rattle global anxiety

Anxiety levels are once again on the rise. Across roughly half of eighteen study countries, net anxiety is now higher compared to mid-summer levels. With the exception of Poland and Ireland, the pandemic remains a leading anxiety driver.

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Gradually improving safety perceptions halt to virtual standstill

While safety perceptions vary significantly by country, the global picture still tells a story of ongoing caution—likely driven by variants, local resurgences, and delayed vaccination rollouts. As a result, As a result, Global safety perceptions have made little to no positive progress across all activities.

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Discretionary spending intentions continue pullback, following steady rally earlier this year

Amidst a global rise in COVID cases, discretionary spending intentions have shown a slight dip, particularly for travel and restaurants. Net discretionary spending intentions decreased across most of Europe and continues to remain in negative territory in United States.

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Travel booking intent plateaus with closing of summer season – but levels remain well above pandemic lows

While improving steadily earlier this year, travel booking intentions across hotel, air, car rental, and other travel segments has recently plateaued. Nevertheless, travel booking intentions remain well above pandemic lows. With summer winding down and pandemic variants reigniting uncertainty, it will be important to monitor how much of the lull in travel spending and other more discretionary categories is purely seasonal, or pandemic driven.

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