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A guide to the insurance market in Malta

Advantages of setting up in Malta

There are a number of advantages to setting up an insurance business in Malta, including:

Strong legislative and regulatory frameworks

Apart from transposing all EU Directives into its laws, Malta provides innovative structures such as Protected Cell Companies (PCC) and Incorporated Cell Companies (ICC), providing various options for different insurance structures.

Ease of passporting

An MFSA licence gives companies the ability to passport business into other member states. This is of particular advantageous for organisations wishing to establish a captive insurance business in Malta and whose core business remains in another EU/EEA jurisdiction.

Option for different operational models

There is also the possibility of using either a managed or non-managed setup allowing for greater flexibility when setting up local operations. This allows for the possibility to upscale local presence as the business develops justifying increased investment and commitment to the jurisdiction.

Availability of qualified staff and supporting infrastructure

Malta boasts a skilled, local and international workforce and an adequate pool of professional services entities.


Malta’s cost base is low compared to equivalent EU jurisdictions.

A highly developed communications network

With multiple connections to mainland Europe and continuing investment in infrastructure (nationwide 4G and high speed broadband coverage), Malta should cover the connectivity requirements of even the most demanding organisation.

Easy access to regional markets

Malta’s strategic location allows companies easy access to Europe with daily flights to major European cities as well as to cities in North Africa and the Middle East.

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