Regulatory and risk training

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The inseparability of strategy, risk and regulation has elevated the role of a bank’s risk function.

The CRO, risk team, BoD and risk committee need to be equipped with the right mix of risk and regulatory know-how to be able to influence and challenge decision making.

With risk management under the spotlight, investing in risk people is critical to gaining a competitive advantage. Our training solutions may be the key to aligning your risk function in the most affordable manner.

We are offering a free session to discuss what we believe to be the key areas impacting the industry. Be it the risk committee members or the CRO, we will tailor our discussion accordingly.

We are offering a free session to discuss what we believe to be the key areas impacting the industry.

The training catalogue


Training catalogue

Introduction to the new regulatory and supervisory environment

  • Introduction to the single supervisory mechanism (SSM), and an overview of their supervisory methodology (SREP)
  • An overview of why regulators are expected to focus on converging the banks’ business models with ICAAP and ILAAP processes

Capital requirements

  • Definition of tier 1 and tier 2 capital
  • Discussion on the effects of the quality and size of capital to loan and investment portfolios
  • Overview of how forbearance and non-performing loans impact capital requirements
  • Interpretation of risk weighted assets (RWA)

Liquidity requirements

  • Overview of the new CRR liquidity requirements
  • Explanation of the liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) and the net stable funding ratio (NSFR)

Optimising risk exposure to maximise return on equity (ROE)

  • Overview of the options available for the bank to increase its risk exposure
  • Discussion on de-risking and deleveraging vs issuing new capital

ICAAP and ILAAP in the context of SREP

  • Overview of the ICAAP and ILAAP as management tools
  • ICAAP and ILAAP stress testing
  • Liquidity monitoring and funding strategy

Recovery planning

  • Overview of recovery plans under the bank recovery and resolution directive (BRRD)
  • Recommended approach for recovery plans, including scenario planning and recovery option development
  • Governance around recovery planning

Stress testing

  • Defining 2016 stress testing scope as per ECB requirements and EBA guidelines
  • Developing a stress testing plan and methodology


  • Introduction and rationale to FATCA
  • Overview of entity classification and registration
  • Discussion on due diligence and reporting requirements
  • Introduction to CRS: Wider exchange of information
  • Insight into the main features of CRS and its implementation

Anti-money laundering (AML)

  • Introduction of the bank’s AML requirements, and potential reputational risk
  • Overview of the key principles of client acceptance
  • Discussion of the bank’s policy on initial and ongoing due diligence

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