Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools can help businesses improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations faster and at a lower cost than other automation approaches. Interest and activity in RPA is growing and we are increasingly seeing deployments reaching enterprise scale and operating on processes across the organisation.

What can robotics do?

Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools, we can help organisations decrease costs and free employees’ valuable time by improving day-to-day processes, which are repetitive, and time consuming. We can do this by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations through the introduction of ‘robots’ that can carry out the repetitive day-to-day tasks typically carried out by human beings. At Deloitte, we are seeing an increase in demand for RPA technology. Deployments are reaching enterprise scale and operating on processes across various industries.

How can Deloitte help?

Deloitte can help your organisation by understanding what existing processes and systems are in place while identifying the pain points that your business may be currently experiencing. This will provide our team with enough information to identify which of the existing processes should be reviewed and improved in order to make each process more efficient and adapt to automation.

RPA tools can automate processes that are:

  • Highly repetitive
  • Prone to error
  • Rules based
  • Time critical and seasonal

Throughout the duration of your project, Deloitte will guide you in choosing the best platform to automate your processes and support you in selecting the best type of robot to automate each process. This could include a mix of assisted, hybrid, or unassisted robots.

The implementation phase of a typical project can start through a proof of concept. In agreement with your business stakeholders, our team will identify one or two process for immediate and quick implementation. The typical candidates are those with the highest return on investment when comparing ‘implementation effort’ versus ‘time saved’. This helps your organization immediately gain financial and operational benefits whilst freeing up valuable time for your employees. Once a proof of concept is in place, the team would proceed with the full implementation of additional and more complex processes identified during the initial stages of the project.

Although we pride ourselves and can support your business in automating any number of internal processes, we also understand that certain organisations may have an internal team in place who can support such automation. Depending on your needs, our team can support your business from an implementation point of view or by upskilling your technical team to give you the autonomy to automate any current and future processes.  

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Why Deloitte?

  • Recognised leader in Robotic Process Automation services by Forrester
  • Immediately realise value in your investment by jump-starting your project and build a long-term automation programme.
  • Focus on the business value and not just the technology; our team will bring business consultants and technology consultants to the same table.
  • The strength of the Deloitte network allows us to bring to your project what we have learnt from experience across different international clients.
  • Specialised resources across the globe help us scale up and down to the size of your project as necessary.
  • Global alliances and partnerships in place with market leading RPA vendors facilitating client introductions.

What's next?

Contact Deloitte Consulting to get discussions started with our consultants and to help you getting started on your automation journey.

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