Work toward net zero

As the world transitions to net zero, a new category of worker is evolving: the Green Collar workforce.

Today, more than 800 million jobs worldwide are highly vulnerable to climate extremes and the economic transition to net zero.

But with coordinated and rapid decarbonisation and the right policies in place, more than 300 million additional Green Collar jobs can be created by 2050.

With so much to lose, and even more to gain. How do we make the workforce transition, work for all?

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Global Job Vulnerability Index

Identifying the workforces most vulnerable to change.

No region, industry, or job is without job vulnerability, but some have a significantly higher level of risk compared to others.

The Index indicates relative “job vulnerability” based on a region having the most to lose (economically and socially) if policy does not mitigate both climate change impacts and the costs from the economic transition to net zero.

Global Job Vulnerability Index

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