Malta tax factsheets

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Malta tax factsheets

  • The Malta Residence and VISA Programme
  • The Residence Programme Rules, 2014 for individuals who are EU, EEA or Swiss nationals
  • Malta Citizenship-by-Investment - Individual Investor Programme Regulations
  • Non domiciled persons: Scope of taxation in Malta
  • Global Residence Programme Rules, 2013 for individuals who are non-EU/non-EEA/non-Swiss nationals
  • Reduced rate of tax for "Qualifying Expatriates" in the development of digital products in Malta
  • Reduced rate of tax applicable to "Qualifying Expatriates" employed in Malta with Financial Institutions and i-Gaming companies
  • Maltese professionals returning to Malta in specific industry sectors
  • Returned migrants in Malta
  • Residence Scheme for foreign retirees for EU/EEA/Swiss nationals
  • Reduced rate of tax for “Qualifying Expatriates” extended to the Aviation sector
  • Malta formation in Malta
  • Income tax treatment of trusts
  • Redomiciliation of companies to and from Malta
  • Malta grants and incentives - Investment aid
  • Global Employer Services

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