Malta tax factsheets

Access the links below to view insightful applications providing information relating to Malta as prepared by Deloitte Malta professionals

Malta tax factsheets

Insightful applications, prepared by Deloitte Malta professionals can be provided upon request. Information related to Malta is as follows:

  • The Malta Residence and VISA Programme
  • The Residence Programme Rules, 2014 for individuals who are EU, EEA or Swiss nationals
  • Malta Citizenship-by-Investment - Individual Investor Programme Regulations
  • Non domiciled persons: Scope of taxation in Malta
  • Global Residence Programme Rules, 2013 for individuals who are non-EU/non-EEA/non-Swiss nationals
  • Malta as a holding company jurisdiction
  • VAT on yacht leasing in Malta
  • Investment service providers in Malta
  • Reduced rate of tax for "Qualifying Expatriates" in the development of digital products in Malta
  • Reduced rate of tax applicable to "Qualifying Expatriates" employed in Malta with Financial Institutions and i-Gaming companies
  • Reduced rate of tax for Maltese professionals returning to work in Malta in specific industry sectors
  • Returned migrants in Malta
  • Residence Scheme for foreign retirees for EU/EEA/Swiss nationals
  • Reduced rate of tax for “Qualifying Expatriates” extended to the Aviation sector
  • Securitisation in Malta
  • Group finance companies in Malta
  • Malta company incorporation
  • Maltese trusts
  • Redomiciliation of companies to and from Malta
  • Malta grants and incentives - Investment aid
  • Shipping companies and the Malta flag
  • Insurance captive companies in Malta
  • Credit and financial institutions
  • Professional investor funds
  • Protected Cell Companies in Malta
  • Global Employer Services

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