Assurance services

We know how important is for our clients to fulfil their reporting and compliance obligations in a timely and accurate manner and thus Deloitte Malta can assist you in assessing and providing assurance in the processes, resources and accuracy in the completion of your FATCA obligations through the review of:

  1. Entity classification and registration: The accuracy of the registration, both from a local perspective and with the IRS, by assessing the classification of the financial institution as regulated by the IGA, local regulations and guidance issued by the IRD in accordance with the operations and characteristics of the company.
  2. Due diligence and reporting: The accuracy of the due diligence conducted, the safeguards put in place and accuracy of the information reported to the IRD.
  3. IT systems and / or IT development: The functionality and accuracy of the IT resources deployed for entity classification, due diligence and/or reporting as may be the case. Should it is required, Deloitte Malta may also assist in the development of IT resources in connection to FATCA.

Advisory services

Deloitte Malta can also provide assistance in the process of implementation and / or improvement of FATCA in any of the following areas:

  • Training and development
  • Initial implementation and strategy
  • Data and IT
  • Entity classification
  • Due diligence and reporting

For more information, please contact:

Conrad Cassar Torregiani

Conrad Cassar Torregiani

Tax Leader

Conrad Cassar Torregiani is the Tax leader at Deloitte in Malta, a role he took on in January 2020. Prior to this, Conrad has led Deloitte Malta’s International Tax area of practice for over ten years... More