Connected grid solution by Deloitte IoT architect wins in worldwide SAP Leonardo challenge

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Connected grid solution by Deloitte IoT architect wins in worldwide SAP Leonardo prototype challenge

What does it take to develop a winning IoT application leveraging the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system? Hundreds of people from all across the globe have some thoughts on the matter. In fact, more than 1,500 of them submitted their prototypes as part of a global SAP-sponsored competition tied to “Touch IoT with SAP Leonardo,” a massive online open course (MOOC) on the openSAP platform.

In the end, five finalists emerged as winners—including Deloitte team member Mohit Kakkar, an IoT consultant and architect in the Bengaluru, India, area. Kakkar’s prototype entry took aim at a big issue in a big industry: getting ahead of equipment failures and outages at electric utilities.

Connected for results

By delivering a design for a connected power grid enabled by SAP Leonardo machine learning capabilities, Kakkar’s prototype could provide managers with real-time insights on operations as well as predictive analytics capabilities—letting them know about potential problems before they occur.

The result? An intelligent, integrated, proactive system that connects all the points on the grid—helping enhance the productivity of technicians and field crew members while also providing greater information transparency for consumers.

The connected grid prototype earned Deloitte team member Kakkar the title of “winner” as well as a stipend to donate to the microlending program of his choice. To learn more about the prototype challenge and Kakkar’s winning design, check out his vlog at the top of this page or visit the SAP News Center.

Kakkar’s prototype embodies the principles of our Deloitte Reimagine Platform and is being evaluated for potential inclusion into Deloitte Reimagine Platform Roadmap.

To find out how the Deloitte team is helping organisations across all industries reimagine their business with SAP Leonardo, visit There, you can read about our capabilities with SAP Leonardo and view the release schedule for new Deloitte Reimagine Platform offerings we are bringing to market through a co-innovation relationship with SAP—focused on SAP Leonardo.

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