Why Deloitte


Why Deloitte?

How we can help you reimagine everything

You have plenty of options when it comes to SAP partners who can help you get the most from your SAP® investments—to help position your business for the evolving digital economy. And while the alliance between Deloitte and SAP has a long history and is widely recognised for excellence, that alone is not a reason to choose to work with us.

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The need for business agility has never been greater. To take your business to the next level, you will need to become a more Kinetic Enterprise™—one that can move with impact, tearing down barriers, increasing collaboration, and maximizing opportunities. Cloud will be crucial—supporting your ability to respond to change and to evolve.

Deloitte can help you respond confidently to ongoing disruption—to become a Kinetic Enterprise capable of evolving to meet tomorrow’s business needs. Our team deeply understands what it takes to deliver results. We have been working side by side with SAP for three decades, which has given our alliance with SAP a reputation for excellence and an extensive track record of results when it comes to enterprise transformation.

Why choose Deloitte to help you get the most out of your SAP investment and begin your organization’s important transformation into a Kinetic Enterprise? Here are just a few reasons.

A truly Kinetic Enterprise will require a clean core and an extended ecosystem of applications, services, and capabilities. It also will require data-driven intelligence, to help your enterprise drive new efficiency, service, and growth. By helping your organization become a more Kinetic Enterprise, ready to respond to nonstop disruption and built to evolve, Deloitte can help you unlock multiple potential benefits:

Enable a responsive enterprise—one that is cloud-enabled to scale “right” on demand

Adopt a clean core—one free of technical debt and able to evolve rapidly

Operate as a more intelligent enterprise—better using data for intelligence, to drive new efficiencies, service, and growth

Optimize your business processes, innovate readily, and pivot quickly—with an inclusive ecosystem of applications, services, and capabilities

Deloitte starts tearing down barriers on Day One of any project, to operate as an extension of our clients’ own teams. And we help our clients stay current through Run SAP-certified methodologies that are aligned with the SAP Activate innovation adoption framework, coupled with practitioners who are up to speed on the latest industry and technology trends.

In 2025, SAP is expected to end mainstream maintenance for many ERP solutions1—as SAP increases its focus on SAP S/4HANA. It’s not a matter of if you need to move; it’s a matter of when. A big digital transformation journey lie ahead, and Deloitte can help you accelerate it—through our industry-specific experience and more. Whether you are starting with a greenfield project or a brownfield one, we have tools at the ready to help you develop the business case for SAP S/4HANA and accelerate implementation, and we have built intelligence into our SAP S/4HANA industry solutions.

We deeply understand the importance of SAP S/4HANA, especially when it comes to analytics-driven insights. In fact, we have adopted the solution to run our own business. A long list of accolades show that we know how to help organizations make an impact with SAP S/4HANA. Deloitte is the recipient of numerous SAP Partner Excellence Awards and SAP® Pinnacle Awards—including consecutive SAP Pinnacle Awards for our SAP S/4HANA achievements in 2016, 2017, and 2018, as well as being named a 2019 finalist in three SAP S/4HANA categories.

Deloitte is a leading provider in the finance and CFO arena. Tight integration between our financial transformation team and our supply chain network operations group allows us to apply SAP technologies to solve some of today’s most pressing business challenges. Deloitte co‑innovated in the design and testing of SAP S/4HANA Finance, and we also have worked closely with SAP to advance capabilities for SAP® Ariba® solutions and SAP® Integrated Business Planning.

Deloitte has been widely recognized by industry analysts for our global human capital leadership—ranked repeatedly by ALM Intelligence as an undisputed global leader in HR operations consulting. In recent years, we have received multiple major awards, including the 2019 SAP Pinnacle Award as SAP SuccessFactors Partner of the Year. We don’t just implement SAP SuccessFactors solutions. We integrate them tightly with the digital core, for an intelligent enterprise experience.

We also understand how to help clients navigate the future of work, and we are embedding our experience into our human capital management offerings. Hux by Deloitte Digital is a prime example, allowing you to build and leverage the connections—between people, systems, data, and products—that let you deliver more personalized, contextual experiences across the employee or customer journey.

We understand that enabling the digital organization calls for more than just talk. It requires an ability to take action. That’s one reason why, several years ago, we took the lead in developing a “single stack” solution for helping clients integrate SAP S/4HANA and SAP Customer Experience solutions, including SAP® C/4HANA.

As recipient of 2019 SAP Pinnacle Awards as Digital Partner of the Year and Customer Experience Partner of the Year, we understand the importance of elevating the human experience. To solidify our leadership in this area, we have moved fast to help clients leverage SAP’s Qualtrics experience management platform, working with them to bring together operational data and human experience data to gain new insights they can use to transform customer engagement, improve their businesses, drive growth, and create customers for life.

Cloud is foundational to tomorrow’s Kinetic Enterprise—a key element to support business evolution. Deloitte’s extensive experience implementing effective cloud solutions—public, private, and hybrid— gives us critical insights for guiding clients through their cloud journeys. A few big things set us apart. For starters, there’s Reimagine Everything… Anywhere, our complete “solutions + services” cloud offering. It covers the full range of SAP solutions for transforming core business processes, HR, customer experience, procurement, and more—all delivered by Deloitte, an SAP global partner certified across the SAP portfolio, including certifications for hosting operations and SAP HANA® (HANA Enterprise Cloud). And it’s paired with Deloitte’s award‑winning capabilities across the “advise, implement, operate” spectrum.

When it comes to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, especially, our leadership is growing—thanks to our recent agreement with SAP to serve as a certified cloud managed services provider in hyperscale computing environments. Put all of our cloud strengths together, and it’s a total portfolio of capabilities that goes beyond hosting, to help clients truly innovate with cloud.

We apply rigor to every implementation, collaborating closely with clients and SAP to drive quality. We also are actively leveraging our Deloitte Digital Twin as a tool for improving quality and efficiency in our projects, pairing it with our enterprise value methodology. Deloitte has been awarded numerous SAP qualityrelated honors in recent years—including an SAP Pinnacle Award for Quality Partner of the Year. Our application management services (AMS) strength extends beyond quality implementations to work that helps our clients innovate, realize meaningful results, and transform their businesses.

Deloitte leads with a value-oriented approach, leveraging specialized tools such as the Deloitte Enterprise Value Map (EVM) to help you develop the business case for transformation. We also have formulas for demonstrating the benefits and savings from our solutions, and we include clear benefits benchmarks in our business case for SAP S/4HANA. Overall, it’s a winning approach to align business strategies with implementation objectives. Quick wins can be key, which is why we use solutions such as our Deloitte Reimagine Platform assets—embedded with capabilities like machine learning and IoT—to help clients show value early on.

We have developed dozens of SAP-based solutions targeting a range of industry- and issue-specific challenges. These solutions have been built from the ground up to leverage the latest capabilities of SAP technologies, including SAP S/4HANA. We have a number of industry solutions and accelerators that are specifically SAP S/4HANA-based, integrating the SAP Model Company and aligned with the five SAP “golden rules” for cloud implementation. And our offerings, which are compliant with best practices for SAP S/4HANA 1909, can be easily tailored to the unique needs of individual clients.

The Deloitte portfolio includes assets and digital twins that can help accelerate implementations, assets that can drive leading practices, and assets that build intelligence into the enterprise (such as the Deloitte Reimagine Platform). We also have multiple product offerings on SAP Cloud Platform, ready to deploy.

Reimagine everything. Finance. HR transformation. SAP S/4HANA. Supply chain. Customer engagement. Analytics. Strategy. Cloud. Mobility. Machine intelligence. IoT. Reimagining everything is essential in a business environment that is increasingly interconnected and constantly disrupted. Pull a string and there’s no telling where it will lead in the business. With Deloitte, no matter where it leads, we’ll have your back.

Our broad portfolio of offerings, our deep experience with tax, our 30 years working with SAP, our cross‑functional capabilities and internal culture of collaboration, our global roster of industry and technology specialists—they all add up in important ways. Combined, they serve as a total package for helping you deliver clear business value and evolve… no matter what the future throws at you.

  • How can you help us reimagine and grow our business?
  • Do you have the depth to help us beyond implementation?
  • How well do you know our industry?
  • Will your team include senior leadership?
  • Do you have real global reach?
  • How can you help us reimagine everything and get ahead of tomorrow's disruption?

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