Sales Cloud in 30 days

A ready-to-go sales force automation solution

Small- and Medium-sized enterprises often face challenges to continue their initial growth. While your sales organisation is looking for focus and customer facing time, your competition is already leveraging innovative sales force automation solutions. Deloitte offers a solution that is ready to take on this battle; in just 30 days you’ll be prepared and set!

Your challenge

Improving your sales by focusing on the right leads, and spending more time selling, requires a single sales force automation solution that provides you with the right guidance to make that sell, providing you with the right information as, and when, you need it. And on top of that, it should allow you to administer sales data only once, from any device, from anywhere; that will save you time behind your desk, and ultimately lets you spend more time chasing the best qualified leads at your customers.

How Deloitte helps you

Deloitte has developed a unique solution called Sales Cloud in 30 days, that will support you in meeting the challenges your sales organisation faces. Delivering the solution using an agile approach, guarantees close collaboration and quality of delivery. Together with our pre-defined set of deliverables we will both get up to speed quickly, and implement the solution together, improving your sales organisation before you can even realise.

What results can you expect

The Sales Cloud in 30 days solution delivers a ready-to-go sales force automation solution in 30 days. Allowing you to reap the benefits of the solution quickly:

  • Single view on your customers and contacts;
  • Real-time insight in your sales funnel;
  • Sales information delivered to your sales force on any device, anywhere, at any time;
  • Support and guidance on your sales processes; and
  • Embedded, role based reports and dashboards.

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