System Integration


System Integration

Harnessing the power of technologies requires businesses to overcome complex systems integration challenges, both within the organisation’s own walls, and with its external partners, suppliers, and customers. Deloitte’s systems integration specialists can help companies manage the complexity inherent with technology and solve business challenges through the integration of technology — as discrete services or comprehensive solutions. We offer both advisory and implementation services to help companies better manage their technology organisations and portfolio of technology assets.

Tech Trends

Deloitte’s annual Technology Trends report examines the ever-evolving landscape of technology put to practical business use. Once again, Deloitte presents the trends that have the opportunity to impact business over the next 18 to 24 months. 

CIO role transforms into Technology Leadership

As technology transforms existing business models and gives rise to new ones, the role of the CIO is evolving at pace with the ever-growing demands on the IT function. This new breed of CIO doesn’t simply implement technology, but rather transforms and enables the business through technology.

Because technology is the glue that connects programs and people and helps information flow in organisations, it an essential component of everyday operations. This puts the CIO in a unique position of being a technology leader, serving as the primary link between business strategy and the IT agenda, introducing new technology and processes that benefit the organisation as a whole whilealso integrating decision-makers and stakeholders.

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The journey to government’s digital transformation

Government bodies seeking to make the transformation to digital are often hampered by cultures, processes, and skill sets that are out of step with a technologically advanced, citizen-centric era. How can they overcome these barriers? Click here to read the full article.


Damian Heath

Damian Heath


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