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Putting the workforce at the center with SAP® solutions

The future of work, the workforce, and the workplace is being constantly reimagined. As business models, business demands, technologies, and human expectations evolve, HR leaders and especially C-suite decision-makers realise that the workforce experience also must evolve—with agility and with an ability to sustain value.

Today’s nonstop disruption brings a constant need to evolve, as well as constant opportunities—for HR and for the business overall. The challenge? Acting on those opportunities, with HR taking the lead inside and outside of HR to drive work outcomes—in spearheading workforce strategy, curating human experience, leading enterprise readiness for constant disruption, fostering team collaboration, and sensing the community’s shift toward becoming a social enterprise. For many organisations, SAP technologies, including SAP SuccessFactors and Qualtrics experience management solutions, will be part of the picture.

Driven to be human

Workforce experience is about human experience. It’s about people—the people you rely on to get things done, to innovate, and to drive your business outcomes. Align your organisation and your technology solutions with their values, and you can turn the traditional employee experience into something more impactful. With an elevated workforce experience, you can innovate faster, beat competition, improve productivity, unlock value, and create meaning.

As both workforce expectations and customer expectations continue to rise, creating connections becomes imperative—to create an engaged workforce that can, in turn, drive customer satisfaction. To create these intersections, many leaders these days are turning their attention to SAP SuccessFactors solutions, SAP’s Qualtrics experience management platform, and other SAP technologies that can help deliver powerful human-centred experiences—designed with human values in mind.

Focusing on results

Today, it’s not enough to give your workforce digital tools that replace traditional processes and activities. It’s about creating a human experience, designed with human values in mind and enabled by programs, technologies, and interactions that deliver on human desires.

  • It’s about a new mindset—moving from “doing” digital to “being” digital.
  • It’s about a new focus—moving from solutions centred on traditional business areas to solutions that are centred on humans and human needs.
  • It’s about a new lens for viewing your organisation—seeing your business not from a “compliance and control” perspective but from a “trust and empowerment” perspective.
  • And it’s about new enablers—going beyond integrated systems, to create a unified engagement platform.

Get the pieces right and execute effectively, and the potential benefits could be significant. For example, you can:

  • Create an engaged workforce—with more meaningful, human-centric experiences.
  • Empower networked teams to embrace bold disruption and innovation.
  • Enable rapid decisions with embedded HR teams, democratised data, and frequent reflection.
  • Center solutions on customer and work outcomes.
  • Focus on the human experience to achieve meaning and productivity.
  • Create solutions that drive relevant, measurable value.
  • Personalise experiences at scale, with more reliable outcomes.

Help at the ready

There’s no single path to reimagining the way HR works to deliver on work outcomes. Your route will be unique to your journey. And the journey ahead will likely come with big challenges. Putting together all the elements of a modern workforce experience can be daunting. Deloitte can help.

Our extensive industry-specific experience at the intersection of SAP technology enablement, human capital, and digital enterprise transformation means we bring a complete set of solutions and capabilities for helping you make an impact. Deloitte brings:

Human capital strength. As human capital leaders, we deeply understand the ins and outs of workforce issues—and what it takes to build and support a truly digital organisation. Aligning enterprise values with people values is something we help clients do every day—to make work meaningful and impactful. And our extensive human capital research, including our Human Capital Platform: Research & Sensing, and insights from our global human capital trends report, provide a solid foundation for helping you reimagine your workforce.

SAP leadership. SAP SuccessFactors and other SAP solutions—including SAP S/4HANA, SAP Concur for travel and expense, and SAP Fieldglass for vendor management—likely will be part of your future workforce experience. Integrating all the pieces to deliver a unified and meaningful experience will be key. Deloitte’s three-decade relationship with SAP, our 23,000-person network of SAP-focused professionals, and our numerous SAP awards—including the 2020 SAP® Pinnacle Award as SAP SuccessFactors Partner of the Year (Large Enterprise)—show that we have the SAP résumé to help you unlock tangible value with SAP solutions.

Human experience innovation. Our extensive capabilities with SAP’s Qualtrics experience management platform, as well as our Elevate the Human Experience perspective—a tailored approach that aligns your organisation to the unique values of the people that work for you and with you—can help you integrate HR data with real-time experiences and sentiment analytics. In turn, you can embed meaning into work by building workforce programs, technologies, and interactions based on human values. Our experience in creating an elevated experience flips the script of “engagement as a task” to “engagement as a channel for continuously listening to your workforce”—driving greater business outcomes.

Business-focused insights. Deloitte speaks the language of your business, bringing industry-specific knowhow and capabilities that allow you to respond to the unique challenges your organisation faces. That “business first” approach matters—because cookie-cutter, one-and-done solutions likely will do little to help you differentiate your organisation, deliver “wow” experiences, and grow.

Targeted tools for transformation. Our “Ready on Day One” solutions, disciplined methodology, business scenario playbooks, and project accelerators can not only help you get to your outcomes sooner, but they also provide early insight into possibilities that leverage the right solution for your unique needs. Our HR FastForward and DataForward solutions are just two of the solutions we access to help improve the quality and expected results of your HR transformation journey.

End-to-end services. There’s more to any human experience than the front-line experience itself. You likely will need to reimagine and redefine your business processes, integrate disparate technologies, align HR and front-office processes with back-office processes and the finance function, and address risk and tax considerations. Understanding your data, which questions are important to ask, which moments matter, and what insights you can glean will all be critical needs. Experience design, data migration, cloud managed services, change management—they likely will be part of the picture, too. No matter where the workforce experience transformation takes you, Deloitte has the depth and breadth of capabilities, as well as rapidly deployable solutions, to support you on the journey.

Reimagine everything.

Deloitte’s approach to HR transformation helps organizations embed meaning into work by building workforce programs, technologies, and interactions based on human values. It all starts with helping clients reimagine everything—an entire universe of possibilities for evolving with impact and sustaining value amid constant change. We can help you, too.

If transforming the HR experience and transforming your business to respond at the speed of disruption are priorities for your organisation, we should talk.

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