Michelle Vassallo Pulis

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Michelle Vassallo Pulis

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Michelle joined Deloitte Malta in 2022. She is an experienced accounting and finance lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry in Malta. She has been teaching ACCA modules for the last 20 years, mainly financial and management accounting and financial management. Over the years, she managed three platinum ACCA academies in Malta and had the opportunity to deliver webinars to students on behalf of ACCA. Michelle is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta where she delivers lectures to Bachelor of Commerce year 3 students majoring in accounting and also to final Master in Accountancy students.

At Deloitte, Michelle is responsible for the development of the strategy around student recruitment. She works closely with the students and ensures they get her dedicated attention and support during their journey to graduate. She also works with the business to ensure that the students have the necessary skills needed for the office of the future.

Michelle Vassallo Pulis