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Deloitte Audit Business Challenge (DABC) 2021

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • Who can join DABC 2021?
    All accounting and/or finance related undergraduates from both private and public Malaysian universities/colleges.
  • How many individuals are required to form a team?
    A team requires three (3) individuals.
  • Is there a limit as to how many teams can represent a university/college?
    No, the more the merrier.
  • Can participants from DABC 2019 register for DABC 2021?
    Of course!
  • We have students who have completed and passed their final year exams during this year, but are awaiting their convocation. Can they join DABC 2021?
  • How would I know if I have successfully registered for the DABC 2021?
    You will receive an automated response after registering - “Your registration for DABC 2021 has been successful!”.
  • Can I save my registration form halfway through, and come back to it?
  • Can I replace my team member after submitting the registration form?
    Please drop us an email (to: by 12 November 2021. This is on a case-by-case basis and is subject to our discretion.
  • Can I join more than one team?
    No. Each participant is only allowed to register under one (1) team.
  • Can our team submit the registration form more than once?
    No. Please ensure all details are accurate before submission.
  • Is there a registration fee to join the DABC 2021?
    No, registration is free.

If you have any other enquiries, please reach out to us at

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