Practice overview


Now Consumer Centre

Deloitte’s Now Consumer Centre is an innovative and immersive space to not only showcase what we have to offer but to co-create solutions with our clients to their most wicked problems.

Now Consumer experiences:

The CXO experience:
An experience tailored to an Executive Member of a leadership team where we can deep dive into organizational problems closest to his/her heart and develop a plan for success.

The client experience:
An experience that brings together a management team, taking them through an immersive journey on what is now possible in this day and age, help them visualize how this impacts their business and then.

The showcase experience:
An experience for a larger group where we will take them on a journey to experience the latest trends, showcase what Deloitte solutions and assets we have to offer, where our experience lies and what our digital ecosystem can deliver.

Bespoke experiences:
Depending on your needs, we can create bespoke experiences for you / your team to make the most of what the Now Consumer Centre has to offer.

Joint Use Case Development

The Now Consumer Innovation Centre is also a space which will be used to co-develop use cases with our clients by using the most up to date technology which is available there. If you have any specific use cases which you would like to develop with us. Please get in touch!