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Disruptive M&A

Are you ready to define your future?

Increasingly, market-leading companies are turning to Disruptive M&A to address technology shifts, changes in consumer behavior, and cross-sector convergence.

Disruptive M&A is a portfolio of collaboration structures including partnerships, joint ventures, buy-outs and corporate venturing that help companies quickly unlock innovation-fueled growth and transform their business. In addition to financial returns, these transactions offer access to the new technologies, talent and operating models that will differentiate tomorrow’s leaders from tomorrow’s afterthoughts. There is a catch, however. Disruptive M&A is inherently complex. Selecting the right opportunities requires evaluating and assessing a much broader range of possibilities and targets than traditional M&A.

In Deloitte’s new perspective, Disruptive M&A: Are you ready to define your future?, we look at how companies can capture innovation-led growth by tapping into shifts in technology and consumer behavior, with a view toward the future landscape of their industry.

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