Data Review


Data Review

Deloitte Southeast Asia’s data review services provide high quality deliverables, results-based processes and predictability for our clients.

Our data review services are underpinned by analytics, TAR and AI processes which drastically reduce review populations, providing higher quality results and cost saving.

We differentiate by providing in-country native language reviewers that are legally trained or qualified in multiple jurisdictions. Experienced in legal, investigative and regulatory matters, our native language reviewers provide key insights with their knowledge of colloquialisms and local jargon.

What’s your challenge?

  • How do I achieve consistent deliverables in multilingual document review projects?
  • How do I know if the proposed keywords will efficiently identify the documents I need the most?
  • How do I understand what categories of information are in my document pool?
  • How do I build confidence using data, insights and intelligent solutions to proactively address defensibility questions?
  • How do I achieve my investigation or discovery objectives while controlling costs?
  • How can I accurately forecast my legal spend when document review is necessary?

How we can help

  • Create bespoke workflows leveraging Machine Learning and AI to address your project’s unique needs
  • Employ TAR and AI processes to reduce your review burden by 80% or more by quickly eliminating irrelevant documents from your review population
  • Develop customised targeted quality control techniques to ensure you are getting the right results
  • Provide a dedicated, multilingual review team of bilingual lawyers and law degree holding translators with SME knowledge and experience
  • Provide flexible teaming and resources to meet your project’s needs and schedule
  • Ensure clear communication about what is being discovered in your data and timely feedback on results
  • Provide transparent reporting to understand how your budget is being spent, progress, and timeline of your project

Who we are

  • Problem solvers – create bespoke solutions to help you find exactly what you need in your company’s ever-expanding pool of unstructured data, in the most efficient and predictable way possible.
  • Multi-disciplinary and collaborative – we are forensic professionals, data scientists, lawyers, engineers and full-stack developers working alongside eDiscovery practitioners and digital forensic specialists.
  • Innovators – we’re fluent in emerging technologies and have an industry point of view on how to combine human intelligence, AI, and analytics to solve your litigation, regulatory and investigation challenges as well as contract compliance.

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Data Review

We provide on-demand, flexible, and cost-efficient solutions for our clients. We provide you with the freedom to focus on the substantive issues in your matter, coupled with the reassurance that you are working with a high quality, trusted partner who can deliver every step of the way.

Whether it’s native language review, translation, privilege review and logging, redaction workflows, audio/visual review, or contract review, we provide high quality results while maintaining transparency and price efficiency through combining cutting edge technology and human intuition and intelligence.

We can help your legal and compliance team choose the best technologies and workflows to meet your specific goals, as well as deploy scalable industry and language resources to meet deadlines.

Contact us

Darren Cerasi

Darren Cerasi

Discovery & Data Management Leader, Deloitte Forensic, SEA

Mr. Cerasi has 25 years’ experience working with technology in numerous fields. Over the last 20 years, he has focused on Digital Forensics, eDiscovery and Cyber Security investigations. As a Partner ... More

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