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Valuation for the whole business

Valuation and financial modelling services

We help clients solve complex business and transaction issues. We develop valuation estimates through the use of financial models in supporting your business decisions for M&A, regulatory and taxation, litigation and dispute resolution, financial reporting and reorganisation and restructuring exercise.

Deloitte has extensive experience and expertise in valuing different asset classes including businesses, financial instruments and derivatives, intangible assets and intellectual property rights, plant and machinery, and real estate. Our experience extends to various commercial contexts, including mergers and acquisitions, regulatory and taxation, reorganisation and restructuring, litigation and dispute resolution and financial reporting. Each valuation assignment is supported by a financial model complemented by our technical rigour and commercial reality to meet the objectives of the assignment.

Robust business or financial modelling requires a detailed understanding of best practice techniques, quantitative analysis and logic. We develop bespoke planning and decision support business models on different platforms, including - but not limited to - Microsoft Excel to facilitate the resolution of significant business issues that you face regularly. Our value lies in our ability to distil complex business situations, translating and reflecting them into valuable financial models that provide greater insight and better foresight, empowering you to make strategic decisions.

Business enterprise valuation

Our team of experts provide you with sound advice in executing your M&A deal covering valuation assumptions and parameters via a robust financial model built-in with multiple cross checks against various valuation methodology. We help you navigate through the complex process and find ways to create value through our analytic lenses and identifying key business drivers.

Litigation support

We work closely with lawyers and litigators in addressing clients' litigation and dispute challenges. Amongst others, we provide a range of litigation support services, such as determining "loss", acting as an expert witness, acting as an independent expert to determine a value or an advisor to one of the parties and ensuring that clients and businesses meet the latest litigation standards.


Financial reporting valuation

With auditors and regulatory institutions focusing on your accounting, it’s essential for companies to develop fair value estimates using objective data points. We assist in estimating the fair value of underlying assets in relation to purchase price and help management set an appropriate basis for financial or other reporting purposes We also offer financial reporting valuation for business combinations (e.g. fair measurement of assets and liabilities acquired, etc), intangible assets, plant and machinery, impairment of assets and financial instruments (e.g. derivative securities, etc).

Financial model build and review

We provide you with comfort and assurance on your models, helping you to make informed decisions and improve your strategic outcomes. Through detailed analysis and planning, we are able to build and to provide independent assurance and verify models that have been built in accordance with its objectives, eliminate any discrepancies and is free from material errors.

Meet our leader

Leonard Woo

Leonard Woo

TMT Industry Leader, Malaysia

Leonard is a partner within the Valuation & Modelling services of Deloitte Singapore. He has more than 25 years of advisory experience in business valuation, M&A strategy and transaction advisory. He ... More