FSIReview: Issue 15


FSIReview: Issue 15

Responding to the new normal in financial services

The pace of change in the financial services industry has accelerated with disruptive technologies, regulations, and business models. The landscape has changed drastically over the last few years and tomorrow’s environment will no doubt be different but no less rich in possibilities for those who are prepared. The emergence of a new normal means a need for innovation in terms of how financial institutions meet the needs of their clients.

In our first article, we explore three disruptive technologies that will drive dramatic change and have a profound and lasting impact on service providers’ operations in the asset management sector over the next five years.

Next, we share some common regulatory themes compliance executives should keep in mind when developing a Financial Crime Compliance framework. We then tackle the challenges that come with managing conduct risk. Conduct is a lens into the culture of organisations, and conduct failings seem to be widespread. To help financial services organisations be proactive about misconduct, our article explores its fundamental drivers, the various initiatives that have arisen in response, and some of the emerging technologies firms can enlist to help manage conduct risk.

Wrapping up this issue of FSIReview, we take a closer look at five things that financial services firms can do in order to harness disruption.

FSIReview: Issue 15
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