CbC Filings Essentials

Deloitte CbC Filings Essentials is a proprietary web-based technology that helps businesses to visualise and evaluate impact of the OECD’s Country-by-Country Reporting requirements.

Tech leveraged Analytics
Use case(s) CbCR Filing, Data analysis
Benefit(s) CbC Filings Essentials can help gauge organisational readiness to collect and aggregate the data needed under new CbC Reporting requirements. Users can preview, through a variety of lenses, how their data might look to stakeholders, including tax authorities and the public, and identify challenges in data collection. This exercise helps businesses to assess priorities and consider proactive steps needed before the CbC Reporting requirements come into effect.

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Point of contact(s)
Vrushang Sheth, Jimit Parikh
Tag(s) CbCR, Transfer pricing, TP compliance, Analytics, BEPS
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