Deloitte Beacon

Our cloud-based financial crime risk and compliance solution acquires critical information to address gaps between principles and practice in an organisation’s compliance programme. From compliance risks ratings to controls effectiveness, and other key performance indicators, Deloitte Beacon enables organisations to have an aerial view of their threats and risks while operating in a global market place.

Tech leveraged Gap and risk assessment platform
Use case(s) Deloitte Beacon maps policies, procedures and controls against regulatory and industry best practices to test the design and operating effectiveness of controls. It enables us to highlight compliance gaps and high-risk priorities within an organisation.
Benefit(s) • Process and Control Efficiency
• Cutting-Edge Technology
• Gap Assessment
• Compliance
• Enhanced Visibility
• Transparency and Insights on Gap Assesments
• Data Protection and Security
• Enhanced Visibility and In-Depth Insights
• Flexible Reporting Styles
• Seamless
• Accesibility
• Subject Matter Experts
• Compliance

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Point of contact(s)
Oo Yang Ping
Tag(s) Forensic
Digital Solution
Gap Assessment
Risk Assessment
Financial Crime Risk
Corporate Governance
Compliance Gap
Compliance Risk
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